Haul at Super Sale Bazaar

It's been awhile since I've made a shopping haul.  The BER months are here and this is the time to save your money to be able to spend enough for Christmas.  Haha!

I wanted to go to the bazaar to look for a particular blouse.  When the boyfriend and I got there and went around a few booths, I thought I was going home empty handed.

But boy was I wrong! So wrong!  I went home with these goodies....

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams and polish from The Make Up Store
NYX Nail Polish in Nude Truffle (left) from Starmaine Shop

The Make Up Store sells their NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream for Php280.  If it's pre-order, it becomes cheaper for Php240 only!  Their NYX Nail Polish retails at Php95.  As for Starmaine Shop, their NYX Nail Polish retails at Php90 only!  I am so loving the fact that NYX is becoming widely available here in the Philippines through these sellers.  I was also quite surprised that there were a lot of make-up booths at the bazaar.  I think there were more then 10 booths selling make-up!  Another thing I loved about this bazaar was finding out there are a lot of NYX make-up sellers that sell it at a lower price.  I bought my first NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream for Php350 and that is the regular price.  Saving Php70 would mean alot cos I'll be able to buy more make-up.  Hehe!

Animal Print earrings | Cross connector ring

Call me a late bloomer but it was only this year that I have learned to fully and truly appreciate animal prints. I actually think I'm becoming addicted to this print to the point that every time I see clothes I fancy, I check if they have it in animal print.  And it also doesn't help that the boyfriend likes animal prints on me! Haha!

Skirts from Glitterati

I finally found the skirt that I have been looking for.  Well, to be honest I actually haven't been looking for it because I'm too lazy to go around the mall to look for that kind of skirt.  But I know that I've been wanting that kind of skirt for over a year now.  And yes, I also wanted the skirt in Nude/Beige.  The bazaar closed around 9pm and when we were on our way out, we passed by this certain booth.  At first, I wasn't aware it was Glitterati's booth.  The skirt was displayed right in the middle of the booth and in front too.  So you wouldn't miss it.  I tried it on and realised that yes, it was the skirt that I wanted.  It was on sale for Php700. but being unprepared for this bazaar, I had to use my credit card.  They only accept credit card for purchases of Php1,000 and up so I grabbed another skirt.

Samurai Umbrella from Below SRP

I finally have a Samurai Umbrella!  The boyfriend and I have been looking for this for months now.  We always see people after work sporting this Samurai Umbrella.  We even went to Divisoria last month or two months ago to check if they have it there.  Unfortunately, they don't.  Some stalls said it was out of stock.  Some said they do not have it at all.  Below SRP sells one of a kind items.  They also have a rifle umbrella!  Their items are worth checking out!

Hair extensions from Tokyo P.O.S.H.

I seriously miss my long hair!  Had I not cut my hair last July, I think it would be that long (the one of the photo).  I'm not regretting.  I just miss my long hair hehe.  I thought of buying this but decided against it because there is a big bump at the back of my hair.  My hair is too thin that the extensions seem obvious.  I would have purchased this if not for that big bump.

And the purchase I love the most among the items I purchased would be......

11in and 15in Satchels from The School of Satchel

The first time I saw this was at the Rockwell bazaar and I've been lemming about it since then.  I don't remember anymore why I didn't buy it then (I bought a different bag instead).  But just like what they say, everything happens for a reason.  I snagged the only 11in Satchel with handle!!  I fulfilled my lemming and I have the one and only type of satchel  from SoS.  Isn't that great?!  I'll be buying another satchel probably in December.  The red satchel is also to die for!

Today is the last day of Super Sale Bazaar and Global Pinoy Bazaar!  Check them out if you have time!


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