GEO Contact Lenses

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My first attempt to try circle lenses was last November 2010.  I bought Geo lenses in G! Store in Hong Kong. I bought it for about HKD100 per pair.  I bought the ones that make my eyes really black.  At first, some people got scared of my eyes til they got used to it.  If you ask me, I like how it makes my eyes look big and gives me that anime look.

The pair I bought dried out around May or June of this year and it is only recently that I decided to buy Geo lenses again.  Shell life is 3 years and it's supposed to last for a year once you start using them.  But I guess it also depends on how much you abuse using these lenses.

3 pairs of circle lenses

Almond. Sesame Gray. Black

Black (CK-105) on my eyes.

The black circle lenses are the ones that I opened among the three since I got them a month earlier.  My mom bought it in Hong Kong.  But this time, the price went up to HKD180 per pair.  That is more or less Php1,100 per pair.

I immediately checked out Japanesecandy to see their prices only to find out that you can purchase two pairs for Php1,000 only!  Without any nitty-gritty, I placed an order and got the lenses after two days!

I'll post photos of my eyes once I've opened and start using the other two lenses!


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