Browgraphy at Browhaus

If there is one thing I do not like about my face, it is none other than my eyebrows.  I don't like everything about it.  The shape. Its unevenness.  It has a life on its own, simply put.  I'm one of those people that cannot draw the perfect eyebrows.

So, I went to Browhaus to try my luck again.  The first time I went there was for threading only.  I went this time to try their Browgraphy since I have a 20% off GC.  Browgraphy is basically threading + brow dye (bleach) whichever the proper term is.

The session did not take too long.  It only lasted more or less 40 minutes.  I told the lady that I wanted my eyebrows to be dark brown.  She said she had to dye it lighter first then dark to achieve the shade that I wanted.

eyebrows dyed for 15minutes

peeping Toms while waiting

Brow Resurrection is intriguing for it costs 35 grand!

this is what their Browhaus' rooms look like from the outside

Browhaus offers the following.

my eyebrows after 30-40 minutes

I loved my eyebrows the moment the lady who threaded my brows said it was done.  It looked perfect.  It was the mataray eyebrows that I've always wanted.  The boyfriend said I looked too mataray with the brows but it was still okay.  I was also told by the lady that the color of my brows would last for at least a week.  And I firmly believed them.  After all, Browgraphy costs Php1,280 so I thought they are credible enough.

However, after taking a shower the following day, my brows didn't look like that anymore.  My brows looked lighter again.  In short, FAIL.

I'll still go back to Browhaus to have my eyebrows done.  But I will never try Browgraphy ever again.


  1. I cannot wait to get my brows threaded! :)

  2. I went to Browhaus to try my luck again, the information you are providing is less can you please provide us helpful information about Browhaus


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