OOTD: Rajo + Leopard

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Earlier this month, Rajo Laurel released his collection for his collaboration with SM Parisian.  It was officially available last 15 November at SM Department Stores.  A lot of women went gaga to get a pair.  And I was one of them.  I was very lucky to get the pair that I wanted!  (note: last pair of my size)  This is one of those times that I like being a size 8 (although I'm a true 7).

The shoes are very comfy, honestly.  But the question is, when and where can I wear it?  This has always been my problem when it comes to shoes.  I really really love shoes and most of the shoes that I fancy are not the ones that can be worn on a daily basis.  I have about 10 pairs of shoes that I haven't worn until now.  Still waiting for the right time to wear them haha!

Last Saturday, I met up with college friends for dinner in BGC and I decided to wear my Rajo x Parisian heel less shoes!

Summersault backless polo shirt | Mango shorts

Rajo x SM Parisian heel less shoes

Coconut Gold leopard print satchel
Michael Kors chronograph watch | Charriol ring
Charriol bangle | Tiffany & Co chain bracelet

I didn't wear too many accessories that night as I wanted the attention to be on my shoes.  I also used the satchel as a purse and hid its strap inside.

Rajo x Parisian shoes range from Php999 to Php2,199.  Go grab a pair now before everything is sold out!

Coconut Gold offers colorful satchels for a very affordable price!  Also, they have a free shipping promo going on!  Avail it now and give your friends or yourself a new satchel for Christmas!

Skin Transit by VMV Hypoallergenics

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* image taken from VMV's website

I'm currently loving VMV Hypoallergenics' Essence shampoo and conditioner.  It smells so good on my hair.  What I love the most is the hair conditioner cos it has a "big hint of mint."  I just love how it feels on my scalp.  I am not a fan of mint but the sensation it gives on my scalp is simply amazing.

I only have travel sizes of the shampoo and conditioner.  I'm definitely buying the regular size once I finish the bottles.  They are so worth it, I tell you.

What hair care are you loving now?

Goody's Pony Pouf

This is one of the things that I want for Christmas! Haha! Pardon the shameless plugging!

Browgraphy at Browhaus

If there is one thing I do not like about my face, it is none other than my eyebrows.  I don't like everything about it.  The shape. Its unevenness.  It has a life on its own, simply put.  I'm one of those people that cannot draw the perfect eyebrows.

So, I went to Browhaus to try my luck again.  The first time I went there was for threading only.  I went this time to try their Browgraphy since I have a 20% off GC.  Browgraphy is basically threading + brow dye (bleach) whichever the proper term is.

The session did not take too long.  It only lasted more or less 40 minutes.  I told the lady that I wanted my eyebrows to be dark brown.  She said she had to dye it lighter first then dark to achieve the shade that I wanted.

eyebrows dyed for 15minutes

peeping Toms while waiting

Brow Resurrection is intriguing for it costs 35 grand!

this is what their Browhaus' rooms look like from the outside

Browhaus offers the following.

my eyebrows after 30-40 minutes

I loved my eyebrows the moment the lady who threaded my brows said it was done.  It looked perfect.  It was the mataray eyebrows that I've always wanted.  The boyfriend said I looked too mataray with the brows but it was still okay.  I was also told by the lady that the color of my brows would last for at least a week.  And I firmly believed them.  After all, Browgraphy costs Php1,280 so I thought they are credible enough.

However, after taking a shower the following day, my brows didn't look like that anymore.  My brows looked lighter again.  In short, FAIL.

I'll still go back to Browhaus to have my eyebrows done.  But I will never try Browgraphy ever again.

It's Thanksgiving Day!

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After a long tiring day, I'm about to have dinner at BonChon with the love of my life.

Wasn't able to finish my clearance from HSBC so I'd have yo come back tomorrow.

Also I'm still sick. I got worse cos I kinda lost my voice. Para akong nagbibinata with my voice.

Doing last minute christmas shopping for relatives and for me too!

There are alot of things I'm thankful for. I'm even thankful for the fact that I'm currently unemployed.

And here's an FOTD to end the day.

Top from Forever 21 and red satchel from Coconut Gold!

I Love The School of Satchel

As I've said in my previous post, I have been lemming for a satchel for several months now.  And it was only this month that I finally satisfied my lemming.  I try to use my satchel as often as I can.  I even compromise what I wear with the satchel at times.  That's how much I'm loving them satchels.

I went on a "date" with my mom and L one day and was finally able to take photos of myself wearing the satchel!

15" distressed gray satchel from SoS (L uses it with my MacBook Pro inside)
11" tan satchel from SoS

Mango shades | Forever 21 blouse
H&M leather belt | Hollister denim shorts
Aldo wedges

photo with my mom

Animal print earrings and connector ring from Super Sale Bazaar

Believe it or not, it was my mom that insisted to take photos of me in Greenbelt.  She loves photo ops anywhere and everywhere at any given time.  We took more than 10 photos which she uploaded on FB. Oh, with different poses too - think ANTM.  No kidding.  But I'm still shy to post those kind of photos.

If you're thinking of buying a satchel, I suggest you buy one from SoS.  It does not go out of style.  It's 100% genuine leather.  It's Filipino made.  Most of all, the owner is super nice!

Have a great Tuesday, ladies!

Pink and Purple Nail Art

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I love nail art although you will usually see me wearing pain polish. It's restricted to wear very bold colors. But I just had to try my luck. So, I bought myself some nail art stickers, applied them to my nails, and wore it to work!

I used Etude House's baby pink polish as base for the nail art.

Benefit's Some Kind-a Gorgeous, the Foundation Faker


Part of being addicted to make-up is trying out different brands out there.  But to be honest, as much as I am addicted to make-up, I am not that brave in just trying out any brands out there, especially if I'm shelling out money - even the products that some swear by.  Unless, of course, you receive beauty products to review.  That is a different story.

My first Benefit Cosmetics item was their lip balm, Benetint.  I hated the scent because I couldn't distinguish if it smelled of Rose or what.  I really loved how it always made my lips looked naturally red though.  I emptied 3 Benetints and stopped using it before I graduated from college because it wasn't locally available in Manila.  Boo to that.  And if ever it was, they sold it twice its original price (Sephora sells it for USD18 or USD20).

Since my affair with Benefit Cosmetics did not go so well, their other products didn't entice me enough.  Sure, the packaging is lovely.  But that was not enough for me to try their products again.

Not until I received a package containing Benefit Cosmetics.

Benefit Cosmetics' foundation faker in Medium

when swatched

Foundation faker all over my face

Apologies for the scary mug shot.  It's hard to look that good when you've only had about 3 hours of sleep and couldn't figure out exactly how to use a new beauty product.  Hehe.

- enticing packaging
- shades are true to color
- mousse type (or something that feels like it)
- blends perfectly
- no irritation upon using it

- does not come with an applicator (you have to use your fingertips to apply it)
- not hygienic
- mousse type (can be a pro or con)

So it all boils down to one question, did I like it?

To what its worth, yes I like it.  This is the first time that I've tried a foundation(faker) with this kind of texture.  I usually use powder or liquid.  This foundation faker blends perfectly.  Definitely your skin but better.  I also like the fact that I received several compliments upon completing my make-up.  I usually put on the same look when I go to the office so I rely on the compliments I get whenever I use a new beauty product.

One thing I don't like about it though is that you have to apply it using your fingertips.  I tried using a foundation brush and it won't transfer to the brush.  It just made the foundation a tad dirty since something (like a small strand of I don't know what) blended in the foundation.  It's not hygienic at all so it would be difficult to let your friends try this product using your own.

I'm not sure if I will buy this product again but I think I'll try other (foundation) products of Benefit Cosmetics.

Benefit Cosmetics will be locally available in Manila starting this December 2011 in Greenbelt 5.  So, ladies be prepared for a haul!

Shoegasm of the Week

I bought two pairs of shoes last week just because they instantly make me 5 inches taller.

I seriously gotta stop buying shoes!

Aldo Shoes

Mary Janes from Capital Vice

Make-up posts soon! Will be raving my current favorite eyeliner!

Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

NYX Nail Polish in Nude Truffle

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This is my first nail polish from NYX and I love it!  The thickness of the polish is just right; it's consistent.  It dries fast. Most importantly, no chapping!  For the price of Php90, this is really a great deal!

Oh, and did I mention how pretty it looks on my nails.  Gives my hands a fairer looking skin!

Haul at Super Sale Bazaar

It's been awhile since I've made a shopping haul.  The BER months are here and this is the time to save your money to be able to spend enough for Christmas.  Haha!

I wanted to go to the bazaar to look for a particular blouse.  When the boyfriend and I got there and went around a few booths, I thought I was going home empty handed.

But boy was I wrong! So wrong!  I went home with these goodies....

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams and polish from The Make Up Store
NYX Nail Polish in Nude Truffle (left) from Starmaine Shop

The Make Up Store sells their NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream for Php280.  If it's pre-order, it becomes cheaper for Php240 only!  Their NYX Nail Polish retails at Php95.  As for Starmaine Shop, their NYX Nail Polish retails at Php90 only!  I am so loving the fact that NYX is becoming widely available here in the Philippines through these sellers.  I was also quite surprised that there were a lot of make-up booths at the bazaar.  I think there were more then 10 booths selling make-up!  Another thing I loved about this bazaar was finding out there are a lot of NYX make-up sellers that sell it at a lower price.  I bought my first NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream for Php350 and that is the regular price.  Saving Php70 would mean alot cos I'll be able to buy more make-up.  Hehe!

Animal Print earrings | Cross connector ring

Call me a late bloomer but it was only this year that I have learned to fully and truly appreciate animal prints. I actually think I'm becoming addicted to this print to the point that every time I see clothes I fancy, I check if they have it in animal print.  And it also doesn't help that the boyfriend likes animal prints on me! Haha!

Skirts from Glitterati

I finally found the skirt that I have been looking for.  Well, to be honest I actually haven't been looking for it because I'm too lazy to go around the mall to look for that kind of skirt.  But I know that I've been wanting that kind of skirt for over a year now.  And yes, I also wanted the skirt in Nude/Beige.  The bazaar closed around 9pm and when we were on our way out, we passed by this certain booth.  At first, I wasn't aware it was Glitterati's booth.  The skirt was displayed right in the middle of the booth and in front too.  So you wouldn't miss it.  I tried it on and realised that yes, it was the skirt that I wanted.  It was on sale for Php700. but being unprepared for this bazaar, I had to use my credit card.  They only accept credit card for purchases of Php1,000 and up so I grabbed another skirt.

Samurai Umbrella from Below SRP

I finally have a Samurai Umbrella!  The boyfriend and I have been looking for this for months now.  We always see people after work sporting this Samurai Umbrella.  We even went to Divisoria last month or two months ago to check if they have it there.  Unfortunately, they don't.  Some stalls said it was out of stock.  Some said they do not have it at all.  Below SRP sells one of a kind items.  They also have a rifle umbrella!  Their items are worth checking out!

Hair extensions from Tokyo P.O.S.H.

I seriously miss my long hair!  Had I not cut my hair last July, I think it would be that long (the one of the photo).  I'm not regretting.  I just miss my long hair hehe.  I thought of buying this but decided against it because there is a big bump at the back of my hair.  My hair is too thin that the extensions seem obvious.  I would have purchased this if not for that big bump.

And the purchase I love the most among the items I purchased would be......

11in and 15in Satchels from The School of Satchel

The first time I saw this was at the Rockwell bazaar and I've been lemming about it since then.  I don't remember anymore why I didn't buy it then (I bought a different bag instead).  But just like what they say, everything happens for a reason.  I snagged the only 11in Satchel with handle!!  I fulfilled my lemming and I have the one and only type of satchel  from SoS.  Isn't that great?!  I'll be buying another satchel probably in December.  The red satchel is also to die for!

Today is the last day of Super Sale Bazaar and Global Pinoy Bazaar!  Check them out if you have time!

GEO Contact Lenses

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My first attempt to try circle lenses was last November 2010.  I bought Geo lenses in G! Store in Hong Kong. I bought it for about HKD100 per pair.  I bought the ones that make my eyes really black.  At first, some people got scared of my eyes til they got used to it.  If you ask me, I like how it makes my eyes look big and gives me that anime look.

The pair I bought dried out around May or June of this year and it is only recently that I decided to buy Geo lenses again.  Shell life is 3 years and it's supposed to last for a year once you start using them.  But I guess it also depends on how much you abuse using these lenses.

3 pairs of circle lenses

Almond. Sesame Gray. Black

Black (CK-105) on my eyes.

The black circle lenses are the ones that I opened among the three since I got them a month earlier.  My mom bought it in Hong Kong.  But this time, the price went up to HKD180 per pair.  That is more or less Php1,100 per pair.

I immediately checked out Japanesecandy to see their prices only to find out that you can purchase two pairs for Php1,000 only!  Without any nitty-gritty, I placed an order and got the lenses after two days!

I'll post photos of my eyes once I've opened and start using the other two lenses!

NYX Round Lipstick in Snow White

After years of searching for the perfect red lipstick, I think I finally found mine!  I'm pleased to introduce to you, Snow White!

on my lips (with flash)

on my lips (without flash)

It has the right amount of red which I love to bits.  It's not shocking red, brick red, etc etc.  It's red.  This has got to be the best shade of red that I have so far.  It honestly beats all my red MAC lipsticks.

I'm giving this a 10/10 despite the fact that this never stays long on my lips.  I don't mind retouching my lips every so often if this is the lipstick that I'm using.

NYX lipsticks are locally available at Digitaltraincase.

OOTD: Animal Print Once Again

It was love at first sight when I saw these wedges.  I tried not to give in but it wouldn't leave my mind for a week so I just had to go back to the mall and buy it.

I really love wedges because it's really comfortable to wear and it gives you the illusion of being tall.

And oh, I was wearing shades because I haven't put make-up on yet! Hehe!

Jellybean wedges

Mango shades | XOXO lingerie
Forever 21 blouse | Mango leggings

Michael Kors watch | engagement ring
Charriol bangle | Tiffany & Co. bracelet

Louis Vuitton Epi Noe bag | F21 fang necklace

Review: Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes Palette

After a week of deciding what palette to get, I finally decided on getting Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes Palette in GD886.  I've asked the sales assistant in SM Makati which is the bestseller and she showed me two palettes. I don't remember what the other palette it but the shade is somewhat similar to GD886.

And just my luck, Majolica Majorca Jeweling Palettes were on sale for the month of October!  Palettes were 20% or you can buy the Jeweling Palette and their pencil eyeliner for Php1,000.00 only.

Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes Palette in GD886

Palette up-close

The palette comes with a make-up tutorial and is numbered from 1 (lightest) to 4 (darkest). I decided to follow the instructions and used the applicator that came with it to see how the tutorial will fare with my usual application.

How to apply: (Majolica Majorca's make-up tutorial)
  1. Use thick tip and apply Jeweling Color to the inner eye corner and under the eyebrow.
  2. Use the thick tip and apply Nuance Color to the eyelid up to the eye socket.
  3. Use the thin tip and apply Shadow Color from the outer eye corner to the middle of the eyelid.
  4. Use the think tip and apply Line Color along the upper lash line and to one-third of the lower lash line from the outer eye corner.

And the result..

barely there effect

the no make-up make-up

  • cute packaging
  • light weight and can fit to your purse
  • wide variation of palettes to choose from
  • buildable color (hoping)
  • come with a make-up tutorial

  • very shimmery
  • eye applicator is difficult to use
  • not very pigmented
  • make-up tutorial is in Japanese
  • quite expensive as it retails at Php795.00

I actually thought I was going to love this on my first try.  As it turns out, I am quite disappointed with this palette.  I never knew until today that Majolica Majorca eyeshadows are not pigmented.  Sure it might be buildable but I would prefer if one swipe from the eyeshadow to my lids would be enough.  Also, the make-up tutorial is in Japanese so I had to analyse it on my own.  I just don't understand why it's not visible on the camera.  The fiance loves it so much on my eyes.

However, this is just an initial review.  I will still be using this palette and re-review this again.  But next time I'll be using my Urban Decay Primer in Greed. It's an eye primer in gold and is suggested to be used for shimmery eyeshadows.  I hope I won't be disappointed when I used them together.

Floral Shoes Lovin'

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I've been looking for this kind of Mary Janes shoes for quite some time now.  I really wanted the one from Jeffrey Campbell but of course it's not locally available here.  I know this shoe is all over Multiply sites - those JC inspired ones.  Unfortunately, the sites that sell this (in which I have sent a message to; I even sent text messages) have not given me a response until now.  Really!  What a shame.

But guess what I saw while walking around the mall?  JC Foxy inspired shoes!  It's an inch shorter than JC but it's fine with me :)

I can tell that I will be using this alot this November.

Jellybean shoes