Review: Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus

I, for one thing, can usually skip applying mascara when putting on makeup.  It's either I put on my favorite falsies or I just leave my eyelashes bare.

Applying mascara is not my thing, simply put.

A lot of beauty bloggers have raved about Majolica Marjorca's mascara.  I think one reason it's kinda hyped up here in Manila is because it's not available here.  In Hong Kong, Majolica Majorca is a drugstore brand like Maybelline, Revlon, etc etc.  And I've never given much thought about trying it.  During one of my trips to HK last 2010, I decided to purchase their mascara.  It wasn't exactly because I changed my mind about mascaras.  It was more of, I couldn't think of something else to purchase.  You know that feeling that you just have to buy something at the beauty section?? Yeh, my thoughts exactly.

So, there I was at Watson's standing in front of Majolica Majorca's kiosk because I had no idea which mascara to get!

Lash Expander Frame Plus, HKD119.00
Awarded as Best Mascara

Lash Comb

- holds the curl for more than 8 hours
- does the job of expanding lashes horizontally
- good packaging

- not locally available
- quite expensive mascara for a drugstore brand
- instructions are in Japanese and has no translation (definitely not recommended for first-time users)
- gets messy as it has the tendency to transfer to lower lashes
- doesn't volumize nor lenghtens the lashes; it expands them haha

I probably won't purchase another tube.  Staying power is good.  But it's not the only component I need in a mascara.


  1. Yea, I heard so much about this mascara. However, I like my mascaras to give volume and length...don't really need the 'expansion'

    Thanks for the review!

  2. that's strange, when I used it, it actually lenghtened my lashes a lot and made my lashes look thicker.

  3. happy new year Gem! i love your new layout!

    natry ko na to before pero sometimes nagclu-clump so binenta ko nalang hehe

  4. @ Lisa: you're welcome :)

    @ mint: lucky that this mascara worked for you. it doesn't give me the same effect - not all the time.

    @ Khymm: I love the new layout too! Whee! True, it clumps! I forgot to mention that as well! Gusto ko na rin nga ibenta to eh hehe :)


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