Retractable Kabuki Brush

One of the things I don't like about brushes is that they don't always have a brush guard.  It has to be bought separately.  Thank goodness there are retractable brushes.  However, the most common retractable brush is the blush brush.  I haven't really seen a retractable face brush -- and I didn't start searching for one until my mom asked me.

She was having problems with the powder brush I gave her because it doesn't come with a brush guard.  I told her I haven't seen one except for a retractable brush though it's usually small.


Look what my mom saw in Hong Kong.

retractable kabuki brush, HKD35.00

I'm liking this brush because it's retractable!  It's bigger than the usual kabuki brushes available here.  It looks like a retractable brush actually only this one is thicker.  Also, it's pretty cheap for a retractable brush.  this is less than Php250 where as most retractable brushes here start at Php500 and up!

This is such a great find I tell you!


  1. I love retractable brushes for my purse! They are so convenient and much more sanitary, good find!

  2. Nice Find!
    I have something similar to that, with the same type of brush too. I found one here in Cebu at a thrifty shop called "Unitop", bought it for only Php 89.00! it was worth it!

    I would suggest you try the Marionnaud retractable brush, it can be found on all Watson's stores nation wide. It costs Php 299.00.

  3. wow dat really look so soft!

    xoxo elle

  4. Not sure why more of these don't come with brush guards. Seems like a simple add-on, and one the manufacturers SHOULD know would be a selling point. Go figure!


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