Review: MAC Prep + Prime Beauty Balm

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And just when you thought, MAC doesn't have a BB cream.... BAM!  You see a full stash of it!  At least that's what I saw at DFS (Duty Free Shopping) Hong Kong.

During one of my recent trips to Hong Kong, I saw this product at the MAC counter.  It was hard to believe at first because:
1. I haven't seen this at MAC's Official Website
2. I haven't seen this at beauty blogs yet
3. It's not available at Faces or other MAC counters not inside DFS

MAC Beauty Balm, HKD245
available at DFS all over Asia

BB at the back of my palm
notice the freckles please

blended all over; most in the center

Honestly, I'm still confused about this product.  The salesladies at DFS couldn't explain this product well.  All they said was that this product is only available at DFS and was only released in Asia.  It's not exactly an LE product.  It will depend how much sales it will make for MAC before they decide.

The saleslady said that this product is just like the usual Prep+Prime only this one has SPF35.  But as fas as I know there is a Prep+Prime that has SPF as well.  Since I couldn't rely on the saleslady, I thought that maybe this is the BB cream of MAC.  After all, there are two big Bs.  But when I checked the box, instructions say, "use after moisturizing.."  Correct me if I'm wrong but BB creams are like tinted moisturizers, right?

Anyway, on to the review.

- it's MAC!
- easy to blend
- covers blemishes. freckles, or whathaveyou
- a little goes a long way
- doesn't have a weird scent
- nice packaging

- pretty expensive (about Php1,300++ equivalent, it's MAC. What did I expect?)
- not available at all MAC counters
- comes in only one shade (lighter than light)

This is actually the first product of MAC that I ain't entirely happy about.  Yes, I love how it makes my face flawless BUT I hate how it makes my face whiter than usual.  It doesn't look that natural on me to think that the foundation I use to top this is a shade close to NC40-42.  I use Neutrogena's mineral foundation.  Or perhaps it doesn't go well with a foundation that isn't MAC.  I would have to wait until next month until I get a hold of a new MAC foundation.

This product is so-so for me.  I'm keeping this and probably continue using this because it's MAC.  I'm still not sure if I will re-purchase this once I finish this one.  I'll use this together with a MAC foundation and see if it works.  Then maybe I'll review it again.  But for now, I can say it's okay to skip this product.


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