Review: Myra-E Daily Sun Protect Facial Moisturizer

After finishing Pond's moisturizer and Stila's hydrating primer, I told myself that I had to try a different brand.  I guess I got tired switching between those two brands.  However, I couldn't decide what brand to try.  I use bb cream (currently using 3 brands) and I always thought it also serves as a moisturizer.  I was dumbfounded when I was looking at the box and it said from the instructions, "apply after moisturizer."  So I panicked and bought a moisturizer.

But as I have said, I didn't know what brand to buy so when I saw Myra-e beside Pond's, I grabbed one.

Myra-e moisturizer with SPF15, Php104.75

- has SPF
- nice scent
- doesn't give that uber sticky feeling after application
- disappears on your face once applied
- doesn't give a white cast on face
- has that cool effect during application
- very affordable
- available locally - everywhere
- no breakout

- none!

I really am liking this product so far.  The most important thing I like about this moisturizer is that fact that I am not breaking out. I already like this better than Pond's moisturizer.  I breakout with almost all of their products except for their facial foam (the black one).  For Php104.75, I think it's worth a try.

Any other suggestion for a moisturizer?


  1. Same here, i really like this moisturizer :D I think I got it for only 89 Php :\

  2. hi can u use it during nyt time too? or morning lang since it has spf?


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