Review: MAC Amplified Lipstick in Heartless of Venomous Villains Collection

We all know know that the Venomous Villains collection was a huge success.  As I've heard, it was sold out on its first day in Manila because everything was, well, reserved already.  Good thing this collection was released earlier in Hong Kong and I was able to get a hold of the items.  This collection is priced higher than other collections though.  I wonder why.

Heartless is part of Cruella De Ville's set.

MAC Amplified Lipstick in Heartless
HKD140.00 (PHP840.00)

swatched on my hand

- it's MAC!
- it's amplified creme! Ergo, it glides on your lips smoothly.
- unique lip tube design
- doesn't make teeth look garish
- long lasting power
- pigmented

- it's limited edition :(

IMO, this is the best lipstick in this collection - way on top of Toxic Tale.  Everyone was raving about Toxic Tale.  It's a nice shade, no doubt.  Even I have that lipstick.  But heartless is just LOVE!  I'm liking this way better than Ruby Woo and Ruby Red.  Also, this lipstick doesn't dry my lips because its formula is in amplified creme.  Like Toxic Tale and any other bright red lipsticks, this brightens/enlightens our face in an instant.

This lipstick is always in my bag.  Lately, I haven't been wearing heavy makeup to work.  It's just usually eyeliner and lipstick - and yes, this is the lipstick that I wear.  It's a wearable shade, trust me.  One glide and you're good to go!


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