Review: Etude House BB Magic Cream (Moisturizing)

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BB cream has been the talk of the town since last year or maybe even more than that.  It's very popular because of what it promises and maybe because anything Korean is so in nowadays.

I've been wanting to try BB cream since I've started tumbling about beauty blogs raving about this product.  What hindered me from joining the bandwagon asap was the price.  Come on, when BB cream first came out, they retailed over Php1,000.00.  So, I waited and waited and waited.

Last July, I bought a BB cream from Etude House.  It was a lucky visit because they had stock then.  They always run out of stock for BB cream because it's their best seller.  I got the moisturizing one.  1) it's a Korean brand; 2) price is less than Php600; 3) comes in different variants (moisturizing, with SPF, etc).

Etude House BB Magic Cream

BB cream on the back of my palm
(notice the freckles)

applied and blended all over
(freckles gone)

So, it is true.  BB cream really does have a way of making your face look flawless!  I may not have swatched it on my face but my face does not have freckles (yet) and it evens out my facial skin, lightens dark spots and lessens redness (if there's any).  Another thing that I like about this product is that it doesn't give much of a white cast when applied to your face.  Of course, your face lightens a bit because this BB cream comes in one shade only (light).  But you can make your face and neck even by using a slighty darker powder or put makeup on your neck as well.  I also didn't breakout while using this product.  However, I don't think it prevented nor healed my zits when I had them.  The packaging is nice because of the pump which is annoying at the same time because the pump acts up most of the time.  There are instances when I have to pump about three times because the cream comes out.  It's a turn off because it makes me think that it's not as full as it's supposed to be.

Overall, this BB cream is okay.  It's too soon to say if this is HG material for me already.  A few more BB creams to try before I find out.

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