OOTD: Pea Coat at Work

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Ever since I came back from Hong Kong, I've been searching for a smart casual blazer/jacket/coat.  I actually have a lot of those already even my mom swears on all of them sometimes because they take too much space in my closet.  Most of all, I don't wear them all the time.  We're in Manila where the weather is always hot.  My trench coats and pea coats are too thick to even wear at work.  I've had them since high school and they're really winter clothes (not for fashion purposes).  I have about 5 blazers for corporate attire and trust me, they are limited to that get up.  Then I have two casual blazers from BKK that seem to meh for me lately.  I haven't worn those two for several months now.  I realised it wasn't the fit that I really wanted or the look I was trying to achieve.

When I went to Forever 21 last Tuesday, I chanced upon this coat:

My outfit yesterday to work.
Forever 21 Pea Coat, Php1,155.00
blouse and skirt: Zara

I love this pea coat!  Good quality.  There's lining inside.  It comes with a belt which is a plus!  It's not too thick but thick enough to keep you warm.  When I saw this at Forever 21, I didn't think twice about buying it.  I knew I just had to have this!  I just remembered that I bought one at Ilaya about a month ago that looks similar to this.  It's beige though and has a twist on the style.  All the more that I wanted to buy the black one at Forever 21! I'll take a photo of my Ilaya pea coat next time for my next OOTD.  I love this pea coat because I can wear this to work and I can also wear this with casual clothes.  I can already imagine myself wearing this on my next trip back to HK next week!

This purchase from Forever 21 is yet again love!  I'm happy with this purchase although I might still buy a casual blazer if I see one that will fit perfectly on me!

On a different note, I finally got my 2011 Starbucks planner last night! Yay!


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