Forever 21 Mini Haul

I'm not a huge fan of Forever 21.  Their items are lovely.  It's just that most of their items are not for me.  I don't find them wearable because they are not corporate enough.  And as much as I want to dress up at work, I just can't (I work in a bank, ladies).

However, that reason does not stop me from going to Forever 21 as much as possible.  I just love their accessories!  I finally gave in and bought some in the hopes that I can wear them during work hours.  Haha!

3 sets of earrings
long Japanese doll necklace

5inch heels zebra print suede pumps

Those pair of pumps are really nice on my feet.  I wore them today at work and everyone noticed it because 1) it's freaking 5 inches 2) its sole is rubber so it doesn't make annoying sounds every time I walk unlike my Aldo shoes and 3) it's simple yet very eye-catching as per my officemate.

BUT! Of course, there's always a but.  After several minutes of wearing it, my feet started to feel uncomfortable and it started to hurt.  And I wore this for 12 hours straight (7am - 7pm).  No kidding!

Nice necklace, right?  I bought that necklace together with those earrings.  Unfortunately, I lost it last weekend while I was fitting clothes at H&M.  It wasn't until I got home that I realised that I lost my necklace. Sayang! Php365 down the drain!

Hope y'all had a superb Wednesday!


  1. I love f21's accessories too! The clothes, not so much. :P

  2. cute ng japanese doll necklace!

    oh, we have h&m here na? ba't parang hindi naannounce?

  3. 5inch? naku di ko carry yan hehehe.. hanggang 3' lang kaya ng powers ko..

  4. ang cute ng pumps! sayang naman masakit sa paa.

  5. @ Dee: we have the same sentiments about Forever 21 :)

    @ Lelila: I was in HK when I lost my necklace :)

  6. @ rhaindropz: the pumps just really look good sa feet kasi hehe

    @ khymm: sayang talga :(


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