Forever 21 Haul

I've been going to Forever 21 alot lately.  And I know that I said that I'm not a huge fan of Forever 21 but lately, I just can't help buying stuff.  Seriously.  Retail therapy at its finest.

I never leave the store without purchasing anything.  I was feeling really down last week because my parents went back to the US.  I felt all alone in the house so I decided to go to Forever 21.  I also thought of buying the same necklace I lost at H&M.  However, when I got there, I couldn't find it so I settled for a different necklace with the same vintage feel.

My Forever 21 haul on 6 November 2010.

dress, Php695.00
vintage necklace, Php305.00
beige pumps, Php1,105.00

I decided to take a photo of me trying it on again haha!

I love this haul but of course!  I just don't know when I will wear the dress because I can't wear it to work.  Haha!  The dress has a lot of colors to choose from.  I really think the dress is a good buy.  Elegant look for the price of Php695!  Nice dress for any event or party.  The pumps also has a lot of colors to choose from - black, gray, blue, and purple.  I'm thinking of getting purple and blue also but I have to control my being impulsive.  Tsk tsk.  The vintage necklace is long.  I just pulled it up so that it's more visible in the picture.

I'll be back with more hauls =D


  1. I love everything! And I want one of those beige pumps myself :D

  2. The heels are so pretty! They look so sophisticated and elegant hehe

  3. pretty! :D

    though you should try switching the chain to make the necklace longer so it meets with the cloth of the dress :D

  4. @ Tara: I love everything too! I get alot of compliments with those pumps! Buy ka na rin :)

    @ Khymm: shopping in Forever 21 is addicting. Bad addiction!

  5. @ Tammy: yes, those pumps are :)

    @ Geli: Yeh, I just pulled the necklace up so it's more visible but I don't really wear it that way normally :)

  6. Cute!!! Love those pumps, girl!!! And cute rug.

  7. great haul :) how comfy are these pumps? you look fabulous in them! :)


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