Food Escapade at Blugre Coffee

On my trip to Davao, I made sure that I wouldn't leave that city without trying Blugre Coffee.

Blugre Coffee is a Davao-based coffee shop.  I believe it is quite famous there most especially because they offer Durian coffee.  Definitely a must-try.  I mean, not all coffee shops offer Durian coffee!

Blugre Coffee at Landco Tower, Bajada, Davao City

From the outside, it already looks impressive.  Yes, it does give that Starbucks look-alike feel.  But I guess, that's what makes it enticing - at least for me.  When I got inside, I seriously said, "wow.."

Blugre Coffee's counter
Starbucks look-alike much?

One of the walls inside the coffee shop.
Cute isn't it?

On the way up to the second floor

Mocha Frappucino
Durian Coffee
Blueberry cheesecake

Their cups are also Christmas-inspired.  They also have a journal/planner although you have to buy it for around Php200++ (if I remember correctly).  Honestly, it's a nice journal.  I just didn't get one.  I wanted to buy a mug for remembrance purposes but I totally forgot about it when we transferred on the table outside!

So, you might want to know how the Durian coffee was, yeh?  It smelled weird compared to the usual smell of coffee.  It tasted differently, too.  It's still coffee with fruit flavor.  I guess my mistake was that I drank it too slowly that the coffee already turned cold and the Durian flavor got stronger.  And I don't know, my coffee started to build up sebo-like particles.  But hey, at least I got to try it.  If ever you go to Davao though, I would still recommend that you try their Durian coffee.  You might like it!

Me with my Durian coffee

Happy Sunday ladies!


  1. Growing up in Davao, I prefer BluGre over Starbucks (love your own *lol*) but there are times when I really wish Starbucks would open a branch here too...

  2. Ayala is developing a condominium in Davao, right? Hopefully they open a Starbucks branch there. But Blugre is okay! I like their cheesecake hehe!


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