Fab Hair Courtesy of L'oreal

Last October, I complained about a certain salon damaging my hair when I had it dyed.  A few days after I posted that entry, I was approached by L'oreal's Customer Service manager, Valerie Sotto.  It was very nice of her to contact me and meet up with me to find out what happened.  We had early dinner at Cibo, Greenbelt 5 and she brought her colleagues who could help me fix my hair.  I met Cristy Billones (L'oreal's education manager) and another lady (sorry, I forgot her name).  We set up an appointment to meet again so Cristy could dye my hair.

Come October 15, I went to L'oreal's office in Ortigas to have my hair fixed.

at L'oreal Academy before getting my hair fixed

at L'oreal Academy

at L'oreal Academy

Cristy is one that trains a lot of hair stylists.  Valerie was emphasizing how much of an honor it is that my hair dye will be done by Cristy.  It felt nice knowing that I (my hair actually) was in good hands.  Cristy explained what she'd put on my hair.  If I remember it correctly, she used tone-on-tone.  It's like cellophane but it's permanent.  Unlike the usual dye that lightens hair, tone-on-tone evens out the hair.  And that was what we were trying to achieve since the top of my hair was very light.

Cristy also gave my hair a treatment.  I just don't remember what it's called.  But she used Pureology.  I wasn't able to take a photo after she washed and blow-dried my hair but trust me, it was back to normal.  I love it!  I was so happy how my hair turned out that I forgot to take a photo of my new hair.

But to give justice to this entry, here's a photo of my hair (this is the latest photo I have of myself):

my bangs are brown

The photo above is way better then the photo below, right?

it was copper/orange before Cristy fixed my hair

They also gave me Pureology shampoo and conditioner for maintenance.  Honestly, it's so generous of L'oreal to extend their services this much.  I've been using Pureology for a month now and I seriously love it!  My hair feel so different!  I will post a different entry for that =)


  1. wow! that is so nice of them and they did make wonders on your hair!

  2. @ Marice: yeh, there have been so nice and kind to me! thanks!


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