Straight and Smooth Salon Experience - FAIL!


I seriously hate to be the bearer of bad news.

Yesterday, I went to Straight & Smooth Salon to have my hair dyed. It was really part of my plan to get a hair dye as I'm going on a quick vacation this week and for vanity reasons, I want to look different on photos - specifically, to look better on photos than the ones I had last June.

I was thinking of going to Piandre or Bench Fix but considered Straight & Smooth Salon since it's Piandre's sister company.

I arrived there at 1:30pm, told Ruby I was going to get my hair dyed using L'Oreal INOA. They stylist Ruby assigned to me was insisting that I stick with L'Oreal Majic something. But I said, I came here specifically for L'Oreal INOA because Piandre doesn't carry it.

So, she dyed my hair. All the staff were accomodating and nice. I couldn't complain on that.

free use of netbook, cookies, and iced tea

L'Oreal INOA applied on my hair

I chose this shade in warm/brown shade section. Number 7.51, I think. I was advised by the stylist that INOA doesn't show much on the hair. So, even if I chose a lighter color, that color wouldn't be achieved. It would still be darker. I still chose a safe shade. Not too light but there's definitely a hint of a different color other than black/dark brown hair.

After 2 hours, my hair turned out like this.

my fugly, damaged hair

Notice the top of my hair. It looked copper-ish/orange-y, right? It looked a lot worse under sunlight. So after 5 minutes of staring at my new hair color outside the salon, I went back and complained. First of all, it wasn't the shade I chose. Secondly, the hair color wasn't even. The top of my hair was so light it could pass for blonde. Then the rest of my hair was just brown.

So, they dyed my hair again. After 30minutes, the top of my hair turned orange! The owner talked to me and told me the truth about L'Oreal INOA. Apparently, as per Straight & Smooth Salon, INOA is not a good product. L'Oreal just really has a good PR that they keep on pushing the product. But most of their clients that tried INOA had complained about the uneveness of color it brings to the hair. This is also the reason why Piandre does not carry L'Oreal INOA. No wonder, initially they were insisting that they'd use L'Oreal Majic on me instead of INOA.

They dyed my hair again using dark ash blonde and gave my hair a treatment. Oh, they also voided the sale on card transaction which was Php2,400.00.

Were they able to fix my hair? Not really.

top of my hair. it's still freaking light!
that isn't the color of my hair when I went to the salon.

me frowning.
No choice, gotta stick with a fugly uneven hair color

Obviously, I will not go back to Straight & Smooth Salon ever. This experience is enough for me to shut off all their services altogether. I was also so disappointed with Piandre. Because the people from Straight & Smooth are trained by Piandre. So, I guess I would have to end my 14-year relationship with Piandre (formerly known as Gem Salon).


  1. Awww. That's sad to hear :( I had a great experience at S and S naman. In all fairness, you still look pretty with the uneven hair. :) But if it's not what you wanted, then go ahead and complain hehe. I'm sure they'll address it soon. Or have they?

  2. Oh no. I agree with Tara, you still look pretty! :) At least they voided the sale on your cc and they tried to fix it but weren't successful enough in doing so.

  3. I think they fixed it allright but it's really dishonest to still sell L'oreal INOA even thoug it's total crap !

  4. @ Tara: buti ka pa you had a great experience. I was super disappointed talga. They addressed my complaint but wala, sagwa pa rin ng hair ko. :(

    @ Pammy: Thanks!

    @ C: I know right!

  5. Had my hair dyed too at Red Salon, I was their demo person and they used that same brand. The stylist was telling me the result would be similar to that of cellophane. I actually have to tell my friends I had my hair colored before they notice. Even then, they wouldn't believe me haha

  6. I tried INOA too and got the same result!!! I had my hair dyed light brown a few months ago and the dye used was L'Oreal Majilift I think? So when the roots started showing I decided to get my hair dyed with INOA at that time since the advertising promised that the product was more gentle but will have supposedly the same results as regular dye. I went to azta salon in katipunan to get it done, and the junior stylist assigned to me said that the dyeing process will take about 1 1/2 hours. Unfortunately, I ended up spending almost 4 hours at the salon because the stylist tried to make the color even but it just didn't work! I had patches of orange-y brown at the roots and the rest of my hair was light brown from my previous treatment. I had to go back the next day to get it fixed because it was terrible!! When I went back, some award winning colorist (he had a hair competition trophy displayed at azta) tried to fix my hair, and there was some improvement although it still wasn't perfect. After the experience, I was wondering if the really bad hair color experience was due to the junior stylist's sub-par coloring skills, or if it was because of the dye used. Reading your blog entry just confirms the latter reason, that it was more of the dye's fault, and less of the stylist's! Although I may be at fault too because I believed the advertising :(
    Sorry about the really long comment!! Just wanted to share my experience too. At least you got the transaction voided. I didn't :(


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