Review: Fashion 21's lipstick in Little Mermaid (Aqualicious Collection)

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Around some time in July or August, I was in the beauty section of SM Department Store checking make-up. I don't remember if I needed to buy something important or if I was just killing time. After checking imported brands, I checked Fashion 21 just before riding the escalator.

There were a lot of girls surrounding their kiosk. Some of their makeup was on sale. The girl beside me asked the sales lady, "Miss, asan yung Little Mermaid nyo?" Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney princess character of all time! So I eavesdropped to make sure if I heard it right. The sales lady, gave her a tube and the girl left. So, I asked the sales lady the same thing.

Then she handed me the lipstick, opened it to make sure it's brand new. I left and immediately paid for it.

Fashion 21 lipstick in Little Mermaid


on my lips

If you like pink lips, then you'd like this lipstick. I'm not sure if this is limited edition because it's from a certain collection (Aqualicious Collection). This lipstick reminds me of Nyx's Fig. It's pure pink (although my photo does not justify it; bad lighting). Its staying power is also good. It stays on for about 4 hours if you're just in the office. It doesn't have this weird scent nor scent which other local brands have (even Nyx). It is available locally and it's very affordable!

The only thing that I don't like about this lipstick is the packaging. Then again, the packaging is not that bad. I just prefer black tubes most of the time.


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