Another Wedge Shoes from Aldo

I just can't get enough of wedge shoes and Aldo. So what more having found wedge shoes in Aldo?!

I've been searching for these shoes for a month now. The Aldo branches I visited always didn't have my size anymore. I was dead set on getting tan that's why I still didn't budge even though my mom was insisting that the black one looks better. I chose not to call all Aldo branches for these shoes cos I kept thinking, "if it's mine, it's mine.."

Two weeks ago, I went to L'Oreal's office in Ortigas. I decided to park at the Galleria to be safe. I passes by Aldo on my way back to the parking lot. I decided to go inside, and bam..... these wedges were there!

I love you Aldo even though make me broke! Haha :)


  1. wow. i just ordered those too online. i got to try them on at powerplant but i didnt have the budget so i bought online because it's way cheaper! :)

  2. @ kyhmm: ganda talga! they also have one in black! :)

    @ mia: yeh, it's cheaper online by a few hundreds but i couldn't wait any longer to buy them haha!

    @ jasmin: cute indeed!


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