It's Time to Show Some Hauls!

Hello fellow Bloggers! Long time, no blog!

I've really been busy. I just can't seem to find time to blog. I have so many photos to upload, products to review, and FOTDs.... they're all in my hard drive. This month, I'll really really try to blog more often.

Anyway, how was your weekend? Mine was great. Yesterday I went to Sun Life's press conference. Thank you so much, Tara, for inviting me! I owe you one! I also met Dang! Nice to meet you! Sun Life gave away nice and very useful freebies!

After the press conference, G and I went to Mall of Asia instead of Shangri-la cos it was already around the area. We were supposed to watch a movie but no good movie was out. So we just had dinner. On our way to the parking lot, we passed by Zara. I went to inside for the heck of it. Really. I wasn't planning on buying anything cos I'M BROKE AS HELL since I just came back from a vacation. But FAIL! Zara was on sale and I couldn't resist. Most of my office clothes are from Zara and I wear corporate clothes 5 times a week. So, I just had to buy more clothes. Haha!

blazer with white lining (I love blazers!)

I've been eyeing this skirt since March! it's 50% off!

This is my fave basic top in Zara! I have 5 of this in different colors!

Tomorrow, I'm going to Zara Greenbelt 5 to check out more of the items. I only had 20 minutes to go around because the mall was almost closing when I went to the store. Yay to corporate clothes!

I finally ran out of moisturizer and primer. I was in Megamall this afternoon checking out moisturizers in the dept store. Stila's hydrating primer is out of stock and the only thing that was on top of my mind was Pond's moisturizers. But I wasn't so sold on their moisurizers cos I break out when I don't use it continuously. I checked Garnier but their moisturizers all have whitening effect and I don't want that. Then I saw Elianto's BB cream. So, I told myself, this is the perfect time to finally get a BB cream. So, I went to Etude House to buy one! It's perfect cos it had good reviews and the price is just right (Php548).

I miss Boys Over Flowers all of a sudden haha!

And to wrap this entry up, let me give you an OOTD. It's FIFA finals and everyone's going crazy about it. It's Spain vs Nederlands tonight. I was rooting for Argentina, Spain, England, and Paraguay (in that order). Too bad for me I wasn't able to buy FIFA shirts for Paraguay and Argentina cos it was either out of stock or no size. My Spain shirt is still in the laundry so I just wore England! Gerrard!

England! Gerrard!

Yes, I have England flip flops to match my shirt :)
And England mint box but wasn't able to take a photo of it :)

Goodnight people! Happy Sunday!


  1. Weee, thanks for blogging about it, Gem! Sayang you weren't able to get your solo photo op pero next time :) Yay!

  2. Nice meeting you too, Gem! You're as cute as you are online. =) I missed your posts! Til next!

  3. @ Jasmin: thanks :)

    @ Tara: I owe you alot! And this is just one way of saying thank you to you! :(

    @ Dang: Thanks! I have kwento for you, it's a small world! :)


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