My Broken MAC Studio Fix Foundation

Any MAC makeup addict's heart would be broken just by seeing this....

Que Horror

I still have about 50% left of foundation left and I didn't want it to go to waste. So I bought a jar sifter at Watson's and decided to mash the remaining MAC foundation. I used a coffee stirrer because I didn't now what else to use haha!

loose MAC SFF

It still looks handy, right?

Looks like MMU :)

My MAC compact beside the improvised loose MAC SFF

I thought of putting alcohol on my MAC foundation to keep it intact but it wouldn't work anyway cos it only had about 50% left. So I just decided to transfer it to a sifter. It might not come with a mirror but it's okay. At least, I could still put it to good use.

I should be more careful with my makeup kit next time! Haha!

I'm back ladies. Have a good night!


  1. My powder foundie looks like that too and I seem to have a knack for breaking all my powder foundies so I know exactly how you feel seeing it that way. I end up having 3 jars of broken powder foundies. :P

  2. aww i'm sorry about what happened :(

  3. *gasp!* sorry to see what happened to your mac compact =( if it's gonna make u feel better, Alice in Wonderland's coming to your doorstep soon! ^.^ hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest...

    here's your tracking number via Xend 644469206 =)

  4. The same thing happened to me and I transferred it in a sifter din. hehe

  5. Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  6. sis gem welcome back :)

    this is so heartbreaking. glad you were able to come up with a remedy for it.

  7. aw that's sad...
    at least you salvaged it instead of throwing it all away :) great idea!

  8. @ Pammy: wow, three jars of foundation!

    @ Crystal: grabe heart breaking talaga :(

    @ Chelle: I already got the package! Thank you so much! :)

    @ Caby: transferring it to a sifter is the fastest way to save whatever is left hehe

  9. @ Jess: No prob :)

    @ purple patch: thanks, feels good to be able to blog again :)

    @ Kay: I'd do everything to save what's left cos it's expensive hehe

  10. Just stumbled onto your blog. Sorry to see the broken foundation! Looks like you found a a good way to salvage it.


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