Review: Stila Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer

I'm not exactly a fan of moisturizer but I've been using it since high school. I wasn't partial to Clinique's moisturizer but I kept on using it because it was what my mom was using. When I became fond of make-up, I used moisturizer as primer until my affair with Stila's Hydrating Primer started.

Now, that I've used up my hydrating primer, I'm back to using moisturizer. But this time, it's a tinted one.

in Medium

bare face

swatched on my skin

tinted moisturizer applied on my skin

- no weird sccent
- easy to apply/blend
- looks like second skin once applied on your face

- smart packaging
- has SPF (15)
- available in Rustan's
- it's STILA!

- none

- use a foundation brush to apply and blend it on your face
- you can use this as a primer if you find primers too expensive

I love how the tinted moisturizer makes my facial skin a little bit more alive than plain pale right after taking a shower. It doesn't conceal my pimples, alright. But it's not the moisturizer's job to conceal the pimples. But it concealed some spots around my face. I've been using this moisturizer since January. It only lasted for 2 weeks since what I got was a trial size.

I remember Desiree (Stila's VP) saying that this tinted moisturizer is what Hollywood is using when they're going for the natural look (ie. Desperate Housewives).

So, yes I definitely recommend this tinted moisturizer!

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