Review: Maybelline Cat Eyes Mascara

It's finally 2010! Have you made your New Year's resolution list?

Part of my New Year's resolution list is to find my HG mascara. I've used Fasio mascara for the longest time. It's a very good mascara actually. I just hate the fact that it's so hard to remove. Really hard to remove.

So, I've decided to try Maybelline's Cat Eyes mascara.

Php429 at leading department stores

comb like wand

mascara on my left eye (uncurled)

- affordable
- available locally
- unique mascara brush
- easy to apply
- gives a tad volume to lashes
- easy to remove

- poor staying power
- transfers to lower lash line after a few hours
- doesn't give the cat eyes effect
- the volumizing effect doesn't do justice
- kinda stings my eyes

- use an angled or flat liner brush if you want to put mascara on your lower lash lines
- curl your lashes before applying mascara
- use a mascara top coat or seal

I can take the fact that it doesn't give much of a cat eye effect cos I can always use an eyelash curler for that. But I will not repurchase this mascara because it transfers to my lower lash lines giving me a punched black eye look. I'm not satisfied with the volumizing and lengthening effect either.

Until I find my HG mascara, I'll stick with my Fasio and MAC mascara.

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. i think i have more luck with this. it gives me the perfect curl, volume and cat eye effect with just two coats and no eyelesh curler. im using the "card trick" though. removing is quite problematic for me though. im excited to use this for the summer, looks like it can withstand the beach and water.. love! love!

  2. @ jasmin: oh you're so lucky! what's the card trick though?

  3. sori for the redundant "thoughs", hehe.. its from michelle phan beauty blog she has a video on it, i use a calling card as an eyelid shield when applying mascara to get even the smallest eyelash. :)

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