Review: Ellana Moisturizing Lip Tint

I'm still on a lipstick phase. So I am enticed with any lip product. I heard good things about Ellana's lip tint, so I grabbed one when it was already available at the Ellana counter. I wanted to try Smitten but it was already out of stock so I settled for Ladylove.

when swatched

on my lips

- available locally
- affordable
- pigmented

- makes lips dry instead of moisturizing it
- difficult to blend or even out on lips
- mint scent and feeling that is quite bothersome

This is the first Ellana product that disappointed me. It doesn't moisturize at all and I hate it. I also hate the minty feeling. It feels kinda hot on my lips when it's settling. I suggest you skip this product.


  1. The color on the tube looks very different when you swatched it/ put it on no? I haven't tried this yet and was actually planning to get one when I go to their showroom. Thanks for the heads up :)

  2. I've never seen these before. For a lip "tint" these sure are pigmented! I love finding cheap lipsticks that work great too :) Some of my favourites include the NYX lippies which I just read your post on! Love them <3

  3. aw sayang! its a lovely color pa naman..

  4. i didn't get this either because i felt that the color goes all over the place.

  5. for some reasons i love this one from ellana. i also have the ladylove and so far, it's been doing a good job on me. hmm, it moisturizes my lips, and im a fan of minty lipsticks. hehe. so i guess it depends.:)


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