Review : Ellana Mineral Powder Blush in Flirtation

I'm not a blush person although I'm guilty of having more than 1 blusher. Of course, you can never have too many when it comes to makeup.

Most of my blushers are in pink and coral shades. And of course, my favorite is Fashion 21's blush in #1 (yes, it beats my high end brand blushers).

When I received my free samples from Ellana, the blusher that they included was Flirtation. When I first saw it, I thought it was too pink. Even the boyfriend made a comment about it. Not that he didn't like it, but he said it was very obvious that I had makeup on.

Ellana blush in Flirtation, 2.5g, Php180

Flirtation on my cheeks

My first blushers from Ellana are Fulfillment and Happiness. I got Fulfillment because it is their best-seller. As per Ellana SA, Happiness is the kind of blush that can be used daily. I didn't think of purchasing Flirtation because I found it too pink then. A few months after, I saw the Ellana samples I got and tried Flirtation again. This time, I liked how it looked on my cheeks. So, I purchased Flirtation when I dropped by the Ellana counter again.

- a little goes a long way
- affordable
- gives that just pinched cheeks effect
- healthy makeup
- good staying power (lasts the entire day for indoors)

- can be messy upon application
- hard to even out the application

- try different blush brushes to see which one works best for you
- can be used as a setting powder for cream blushes

I think I put too much blush the first time I tried Flirtation. Well, I wasn't used to applying MMU then hehe. But yeh, practice makes perfect and now I can control how much to put on my cheeks whenever I'm using this. I'm really loving the pink glow it gives on my cheeks. My ever so favorite F21 blush is now inside my traincase resting. This MMU is what I currently have in my makeup kit. I use this everyday and I will not think twice of purchasing this blush again once the sifter jar becomes empty.

MMU really is love!


  1. I definitely agree that practice makes perfect when applying mmu. First time i ever tried mmu was approx 2 years ago and it just didnt work for me then. But now mmu especially ellana is my go to whenever i want a featherweight application but full coverage. I also had a sampler kit sent to me prior to purchasing the pots. It narrows down the agony on which shade to pick and purchase.

  2. Such a lovely color, looka very natural on you. MMU really is great! :)

    I'm a new reader, found your blog yesterday and already love it. Hello from Finland!

  3. looks great on you! :D

    i'm loving MMU! :D started out a month ago :D

    Happy New Year :D

  4. nice color. I love the natural look. It gives fresh appearance on your face ^^ Besides, it's a little difficult to find a long lasting one .. happy new year ^^

  5. @ caby: ellana is love :)

    @ sagu: thanks for reading my blog :)

    @ geli: try ellana if you can. it doesn't disappoint!

    @ mapple: i think the reason it lasts long on my kin is primarily because i'm just inside the office.. happy new year to you too :)

  6. lovin the color of your cheeks. :]
    super nice.


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