Because the B*tch Got Caught

Just like one of the Filipino quotes, "Ang isda nahuhuli sa sarili nyang bibig."

Someone has been bashing my beauty blog leaving nasty comments and talking like she personally knows me. But of course, she doesn't personally know me. So without further ado, I'd like you all to meet Jessica Gando - the bitch who leaves nasty comments and unfortunately got caught cos of say, stupidity?!

Jessica is the girl on the right

Remember my entry "Why the 51st Week is Always a Hit"? Well, Jessica left a comment on that entry but she deleted it because her blog link and name appeared. A stupid mistake on her part for sure cos she wasn't able to change her name from Jessica to Anonymous this time and I now know her blog. The thing is, I don't check my mail daily so I only read her comment 4 or 5 days after I posted that entry. And here's what she said:

click the photo for a larger image

After reading her comment, the first thing I did was to check her blog. I saw a photo of her and she doesn't look familiar at all. I'm pretty sure I've never met her and the other people in her photos. I checked her previous entries to see how we are connected until I saw one of her photos with this person that I know. I immediately called my bestfriend to ask if I know a Jessica or if there's any other Jessica that we know who went to CSR. I gave the link of Jessica's blog to my bestfriend so she could see how she looks like and.. BAM! My bestfriend was like, "I know her, not personally, but she's Maybelline's (romantic) girlfriend." We even checked Friendster to confirm and yes, Jessica is Maybelline's girlfriend.

So, that is how we are connected. That and only that.

Maybelline was my classmate in middle school until 6th grade. We were friends, sure. And she had a crush on me. No big deal. Jessica, FYI, I never liked/wanted Maybelline and our batchmates in CSR can even attest to that. The last time I talked to Maybelline was also in 6th grade. That's about 14 or 15 years ago. I don't know what happened to her after 6th grade. So, obviously your rage is rooting from jealousy and insecurity. And you just proved how much of a stalker you are to know I have a beauty blog. This blog is not even linked on my other Network profiles because this blog is entirely about my lemmings for makeup. Most of my close friends do not even know the exact web address of this blog. So how in the world would Maybelline know or the other people from CSR (that you know) know this beauty blog? As I've said, I haven't talked to Maybelline in a long time and the same goes to the other people who went to CSR. Do you see how many followers this blog has? Those ladies also have a beauty blog and yet it really has to be me and only me who is conceited for having one. You're ridiculous and funny but it doesn't entertain me.

I left a comment on your blog but of course, being a scaredy cat that you are, your comments are screened. Since I didn't want you to get away with bashing my blog like that, I posted my comment on your lesbian lover's wall on Facebook. I also sent you an email but of course you didn't reply because you're simply rude like that.

The first entry on your blog when I checked it was about lemming for another color of your LV bag. Then you talked about sporting your LV bag blah blah blah. Hindi ba pagyayabang rin yung ginagawa mo?! You're eating your words, bitch. Honestly, I don't care if your bag is a genuine LV or not cos it sure looks fake on you. You give Louis Vuitton a bad name.

With regards to your comment on my entry, do you understand English or kelangan ba Tagalog na lang? In case your tiny brain can not comprehend, the gist of that entry was about a promotion I got. Bakit hindi yun ang tinira mo sa comment mo?! And what are you talking about that there's no way I could've failed to pass the requirements in NYU? Do you even know what requirements you are talking about? There was a particular requirement I couldn't/was hesistant to pass cos I might be questioned for AMLA, stupid bitch. You don't know what you're talking about so shut your big fugly mouth. You claim to be well-travelled, so you should know how bad the traffic jam is in Thailand. I missed my flight but I had it rebooked. Anong problema mo dun? That wasn't the gist of my entry so would I elaborate on that? I didn't try to impress anyone on that entry and I'm not trying to impress people who read this blog. Ang sabihin mo insecure ka lang talga kaya ganyan ka mag-comment. And stop saying na ever since ganito ako! My god, you don't even know me personally to talk like that.

Don't tell me I'm "EWWWW"! Stare at yourself in front of a mirror and ask yourself if you really are a female cos you look gay - a transgender even that still looks like a man. Just like what I said in my comment on your blog, stop asking your mom to buy you designer bags. Save the money for a face surgery cos you sure as hell need it. However, it is very unfortunate that there are no surgeries for rotten attitude that you have.

Don't you even deny that it's not you who leave nasty comments on my blog. Your lesbian lover, Maybelline, already apologized to me on Facebook chat. It only proves that it's you who played dirty first. So, don't come clean.

Nananahimik ako dito and I didn't know about your existence until two weeks ago. I can't let you get away with you bashing my blog and leaving nasty comments. So it's only fair that I do this to you. You started it. You know you did.

Btw, my name is spelled as Gemma and not Gema. Spelling na nga lang hindi mo pa kaya gawin ng tama.


  1. oh my. very bad of her!
    i think you did the right thing. :)

  2. Well said Gem, you know there's one thing money can't buy and it's called breeding. :)

  3. If it was me, I'd do the same thing.

    Btw, Jessica looks like my son's yaya Ines. :D Seriously.

  4. bravo sis bravo...that's how its done,sa mga girls who intrudes..lalo na if hindi mo kaclose,thats so wrong sa part niya..obviously insecure

  5. hay naku, she's just insecure kasi mas pretty ka. :P

  6. nasty people are the scums of the earth. Get pissed for a few minutes then forget about her, not worth the time =)

  7. Very well said. At least it will be the end of her nasty comments on your blog!

  8. good for you, hun!!!!!

    love your blog =)

  9. Wow, what a post!!! You tell her! Crazy! That sucks though.. Hope all is well. Take care!

  10. team gemma here! cute ang name na "maybelline" in fairness ha lol.

  11. grabe naman un! :P at least she was brought back to reality...

  12. hehehe.. muka lang syang adik sa kanto hahaha na naiinggit sa isang dyosa..

    mukang binura na nya yung blog nya..

    tsk tsk shame on her

  13. I LOL at her immaturity ><...ka mo kung cnung dyosa...feeling! pa humble ewan...mag yayabang pa na Mom nya bumibili...meaning=LEACH! ganun lang un ahump! climber ang mga ganyan...

    Miss Gem madaming insecure chakaness pag maganda ang blogger...ibig svhn lang nyan...BONGGA KA!! whoop! whoop!

  14. oh, dang it! wanted to see her's no longer available God... to think hindi ka naman ex ng lesbo lover niya...crazY!

  15. To everyone who commented:

    Thank you so much for the support. =)

    Btw, her new link is

    She changed it cos she's a scaredy cat. =)

    To Jessica Gando,
    You're so pathetic and it goes to show that you frequently visit this beauty blog. Why delete your old blog huh? You created your own monster. You can not outsmart me!

  16. I visited her blog when i read your post and then i realized that she's mayabang di ikaw...... she said on one of her post "since I have money and I could afford to buy it.".....thats all i could remember but sure sounds like magyayabang and wants everybody to think shes pretty and rich.

  17. i am a regular visitor of your blog but not a follower since i have no account.

    Oh well, people try to pull you down when you're UP!
    This is your challenge!!! Readers are on your side.
    And she's going NOWHERE~

    I think she should seek professional help. LIke a psychologist or something to process her insecurity.

  18. "You give Louis Vuitton a bad name." FOR THE WIN GEM! :D

  19. OMG you have a hater! You know, in my experience, only ugly losers went out of their way to hate on me. This girl is just sad. And ugly haha.

  20. @ arv: =D

    @ Lauren: she's Maybelline Baliola's girlfriend haha!

  21. i think her purpose of leaving that nasty comment was for you to blog about it and have your followers visit her blog.

  22. Because of this. I will follow you! haha :)!

  23. Is it really necessary to say:

    "Stare at yourself in front of a mirror and ask yourself if you really are a female cos you look gay - a transgender even that still looks like a man."

    Why stoop to her level and even say this kind of immature insult...?

    I'm just a new reader to your blog...

  24. @ Jennifer: YES, it is necessary IMHO.

    I'm just returning all the dis she's ever said to me. Stooping down is relative.

  25. You just made my day girl. It's a lesson learned for her not to lash beautiful people especially if you wouldn't even passed as a monkey. Hehe!

  26. Honestly, I don't care if your bag is a genuine LV or not cos it sure looks fake on you.

    luveeeeit LOL

  27. lesbian or not. there's nothing wrong with being gay. you sound very discriminative. if you were in America you'd be hated on. FYI.

  28. And you sond ignorant. I didn't say there was something wrog with being gay. Re-read if you must. And in America gay is used for both gay and lesbian. FYI. Don't you go commenting on my blog actin like you know what went down cos you don't.


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