Because the B*tch Got Caught

Just like one of the Filipino quotes, "Ang isda nahuhuli sa sarili nyang bibig."

Someone has been bashing my beauty blog leaving nasty comments and talking like she personally knows me. But of course, she doesn't personally know me. So without further ado, I'd like you all to meet Jessica Gando - the bitch who leaves nasty comments and unfortunately got caught cos of say, stupidity?!

Jessica is the girl on the right

Remember my entry "Why the 51st Week is Always a Hit"? Well, Jessica left a comment on that entry but she deleted it because her blog link and name appeared. A stupid mistake on her part for sure cos she wasn't able to change her name from Jessica to Anonymous this time and I now know her blog. The thing is, I don't check my mail daily so I only read her comment 4 or 5 days after I posted that entry. And here's what she said:

click the photo for a larger image

After reading her comment, the first thing I did was to check her blog. I saw a photo of her and she doesn't look familiar at all. I'm pretty sure I've never met her and the other people in her photos. I checked her previous entries to see how we are connected until I saw one of her photos with this person that I know. I immediately called my bestfriend to ask if I know a Jessica or if there's any other Jessica that we know who went to CSR. I gave the link of Jessica's blog to my bestfriend so she could see how she looks like and.. BAM! My bestfriend was like, "I know her, not personally, but she's Maybelline's (romantic) girlfriend." We even checked Friendster to confirm and yes, Jessica is Maybelline's girlfriend.

So, that is how we are connected. That and only that.

Maybelline was my classmate in middle school until 6th grade. We were friends, sure. And she had a crush on me. No big deal. Jessica, FYI, I never liked/wanted Maybelline and our batchmates in CSR can even attest to that. The last time I talked to Maybelline was also in 6th grade. That's about 14 or 15 years ago. I don't know what happened to her after 6th grade. So, obviously your rage is rooting from jealousy and insecurity. And you just proved how much of a stalker you are to know I have a beauty blog. This blog is not even linked on my other Network profiles because this blog is entirely about my lemmings for makeup. Most of my close friends do not even know the exact web address of this blog. So how in the world would Maybelline know or the other people from CSR (that you know) know this beauty blog? As I've said, I haven't talked to Maybelline in a long time and the same goes to the other people who went to CSR. Do you see how many followers this blog has? Those ladies also have a beauty blog and yet it really has to be me and only me who is conceited for having one. You're ridiculous and funny but it doesn't entertain me.

I left a comment on your blog but of course, being a scaredy cat that you are, your comments are screened. Since I didn't want you to get away with bashing my blog like that, I posted my comment on your lesbian lover's wall on Facebook. I also sent you an email but of course you didn't reply because you're simply rude like that.

The first entry on your blog when I checked it was about lemming for another color of your LV bag. Then you talked about sporting your LV bag blah blah blah. Hindi ba pagyayabang rin yung ginagawa mo?! You're eating your words, bitch. Honestly, I don't care if your bag is a genuine LV or not cos it sure looks fake on you. You give Louis Vuitton a bad name.

With regards to your comment on my entry, do you understand English or kelangan ba Tagalog na lang? In case your tiny brain can not comprehend, the gist of that entry was about a promotion I got. Bakit hindi yun ang tinira mo sa comment mo?! And what are you talking about that there's no way I could've failed to pass the requirements in NYU? Do you even know what requirements you are talking about? There was a particular requirement I couldn't/was hesistant to pass cos I might be questioned for AMLA, stupid bitch. You don't know what you're talking about so shut your big fugly mouth. You claim to be well-travelled, so you should know how bad the traffic jam is in Thailand. I missed my flight but I had it rebooked. Anong problema mo dun? That wasn't the gist of my entry so would I elaborate on that? I didn't try to impress anyone on that entry and I'm not trying to impress people who read this blog. Ang sabihin mo insecure ka lang talga kaya ganyan ka mag-comment. And stop saying na ever since ganito ako! My god, you don't even know me personally to talk like that.

Don't tell me I'm "EWWWW"! Stare at yourself in front of a mirror and ask yourself if you really are a female cos you look gay - a transgender even that still looks like a man. Just like what I said in my comment on your blog, stop asking your mom to buy you designer bags. Save the money for a face surgery cos you sure as hell need it. However, it is very unfortunate that there are no surgeries for rotten attitude that you have.

Don't you even deny that it's not you who leave nasty comments on my blog. Your lesbian lover, Maybelline, already apologized to me on Facebook chat. It only proves that it's you who played dirty first. So, don't come clean.

Nananahimik ako dito and I didn't know about your existence until two weeks ago. I can't let you get away with you bashing my blog and leaving nasty comments. So it's only fair that I do this to you. You started it. You know you did.

Btw, my name is spelled as Gemma and not Gema. Spelling na nga lang hindi mo pa kaya gawin ng tama.

So Many Reviews, So Little Time

Good afternoon!

Apologies for the lack of updates. I've been very busy lately at work and playing Cafe World. By the time I get home, all I want to do is rest, cook food in Cafe World, and rest again.

One of the things I like about Christmas is, of course, receiving gifts, US hauls, splurging like crazy.

MAC Seductress Look in a Box
Etude House Lip concealer
MAC Lipstick in Half and Half
Nars Blush Duo
MAC Define and Blend Brush Set
MAC Eyeshadow in Stars and Rockets
MAC Lipliner in Spice
Etude House Lipliner in #7
Stila Made in Your Shade in Medium
Stila Smudge Pot in Little Black Dress
Stila pen liner
ELF Lip Primer and Plumper
Sephora Play Palette II

I promise to make time to review these lovely items!

Happy Sunday everyone!

OOTN: Christmas Party at SMX

Apologies for the delay of this OOTN. It took me forever to find these photos haha!

necklace: Mom's
top: Zara Basics
skirt: Rouge
shoes: Charles & Keith (sold exclusively in SG)
bag: Chanel classic flap

with my date

Review: Etude House Matte Eyeshadow in #2

One of the things I bought on Etude House's grand opening was their eyeshadow. I just wanted to give it a try because it looks promising and it is not chalking when I was swatching their eyeshadows.

matte eyeshadow in #2, php148

left naked eye
right eye with eyeshadow #2

Sorry if the color doesn't really show on the picture. I can't seem to make it look vibrant. Err.

- affordable
- available locally
- not chalky
- buildable
- good staying power

- none!

I've been using this eyeshadow since I bought it. It's really good for everyday use. It gives the eyes that fresh look. The color is buildable so it can start as a really light brown color then you can darken the color if you want to define your eyes more. This wasn't my first choice of shade. I actually thought of getting the similar shimmery shade but I opted for matte so I can use it everyday. I love the fact that it's not chalky. I'll definitely buy another eyeshadow from Etude House, perhaps a shade that I don't have yet and a shade that I need.

I'm really loving Etude House!

Review: Ellana Moisturizing Lip Tint

I'm still on a lipstick phase. So I am enticed with any lip product. I heard good things about Ellana's lip tint, so I grabbed one when it was already available at the Ellana counter. I wanted to try Smitten but it was already out of stock so I settled for Ladylove.

when swatched

on my lips

- available locally
- affordable
- pigmented

- makes lips dry instead of moisturizing it
- difficult to blend or even out on lips
- mint scent and feeling that is quite bothersome

This is the first Ellana product that disappointed me. It doesn't moisturize at all and I hate it. I also hate the minty feeling. It feels kinda hot on my lips when it's settling. I suggest you skip this product.

Why the 51st Week of the Year is Always a Hit

FYI, this is not an entry about makeup.

One of the items in my New Year's resolution list is to blog more. Deciding where to blog was quite difficult. I maintain 4 blogs but I usually blog in Multiply until I gradually and then suddenly got lazy to write. My 2010 will be amazing and very challenging. So, I need to go back to writing as a stress reliever.

On the first quarter of 2009, I was dead sure of quitting my job and continue my masters degree in New York by hook or by crook. Everything was good in theory. My 2009 was planned beautifully. But of course, something else happened. Something always happens. I didn't meet the deadline for NYU cos I still lacked some supporting documents. My first Friday of the year was spent in Embassy and Cuisine. I started drinking again every weekend. In February, he stopped making his presence felt. I spent Valentine's Day with the Gabriels and we drank the night away in Bugsy's. I was more than wasted. It was a miracle how I got home. It was a miracle how I got to school at 8am and absorbed everything the prof was teaching. Never will I ever drink Bacardi 151 again. In March, we moved to BGC from TEC and ironically, I didn't give an F like I thought I would. I was wasted one Friday night and met someone who I thought was the man I was asking for. I went to school wasted and hung over, didn't take a shower, and took my midterms exam. I kept going out of the classroom every 5mins to throw up. I aced my midterms, mind you. And I only realised all of these after almost a week. Oh, what inebriation could do to you, to me.

candid photo when everything was good in theory

Valentine's day with my "date" haha

the very inebriated Friday

On the second quarter of 2009, I still wanted to quit my job. I thought that my job was leading me nowhere (I still do). I booked flights to CamSur, Bangkok, and LA. April was my birthday month. I was drinking every week - going home at 4am and leaving at 6am for work. I was like a zombie. I had more alcohol intake than food and it's one of the worst feelings ever. My friend, V, can attest to this. She witnessed all. Well, almost. My boyfriend and I started talking. Things started to mellow down. Of course, I was still drinking. Then came May. Of summer outings and being officially off the market. I had to change my plans again. But I still wanted to resign. June came and we were off to CamSur. I loved this trip to bits but I hated with passion the tan it gave me. The last Friday of June was spent with officemates from our previous dept. It was like a reunion since those who resigned were present, too. I missed those TEC days and all that drama.

summer time

island hopping at Caramoan

Happy Together reunion at Hai

On the third quarter of 2009, I finally left the country and didn't wanna come back. But of course, I came back and missed the flight to LA. Stooge much. My closest friend in the office left me and transferred to a different department. I felt like a part of me was taken away. I felt cheated on. But I got over it. Nothing much happened afterwards. I still wanted to quit my job.

The last quarter of 2009 was spent trying to quit my job by applying to other depts in the company I'm working for. I admit that one of the main reasons why I'm staying in the company is because my beau is my officemate. He never asked me not to resign. It was my choice. HRD announced that we will soon be transferring to Alabang. All the more that I loathed my job. But I was hopeful with the internal vacancies. November came and the boyfriend and I went to Davao because I've never been.. We were also trying to fix our relationship. In December, I decided to complete 9 mornings. I wanted to. I needed to. December was very hectic for me. I had interviews with VPs and SVPs every week, twice a week. I was more than hopeful. I knew I was gon get the post. So imagine my dismay when I found out that my officemate got the post that I wanted the most out of all the internal vacancies. I was already planning and mapping out how I'm quitting my job in 2010. I was even consulting the boyfriend about it.

Then came the 51st week of 2009.

I remember it so vividly. I was outside Krispy Kreme surfing the net while waiting for the boyfriend who was buying doughnuts. My cellphone rang. It was an unidentified number. I wasn't sure if I was gon answer it because I just hate answering phone calls from numbers that aren't in my phone book. But I answered it anyway. On the other line was the VP that interviewed me for the position that I was really vying for (which by the way was already filled in by my officemate). She wanted me to go to their office tomorrow for a second interview. This really confused me because the position was just recently filled in and there weren't any vacancies for the same position that was announced by HRD. So, the next day, I went straight to their office for my second interview. It wasn't any interview. It was a panel interview. I could've died out of nervousness. It lasted for an hour and my heart was still beating fast on my way back to BGC. They said they would get back to me since they were still considering 2 persons for the position. That same afternoon, the VP from our dept together with my line manager came up to me with a big smile. She said, "Congratulations, PBO (personal banking officer) ka na!" I was in shock until I realised that the 3 of us were jumping out of joy. I was beyond happy and I didn't know how/what to react about the good news. It was what I wanted. It was what I needed. For the past weeks, I've been questioning how I got the position or if I'm even qualified. I know some of the people who applied and stats wise, they're more qualified than me. But it had to be me. My friend told me to stop questioning it. I just have to look at it as a blessing. That's what I'm doing now. We ended the night by having dinner at Jozu Kin and a few drinks at Rue Bourbon.

we all looked haggard haha

So what have I learned? Well, you can't plan everything and expect it to go smoothly as planned. Of course I already know it firsthand but sometimes you just can't help planning your future. All the good things that happened to me wasn't how I planned it. If you were to ask me a year ago what I would be doing now, I'd tell you that I'm probably brewing coffee right now at Dean & Deluca. I'm not in NYU right now for further studies. I'm with a different man. I'm a full-time employee. I didn't ask for these three things. I asked for the opposite. But you know what? I'm very happy where I am right now.

So for 2010, I won't be making plans. I'll go with the flow and see where it leads me. But of course, I still have to plan how I'll be hitting my targets this year - but this has a story of its own.

It's only 6 January but I'm already embracing the year tight.

This is definitely my year.

Graphic Garden Collection with a Bang!

These are the stuff that woke me up on New Year's Eve.

Seductress Look in a Box
Belightful Iridescent Powder
Naked Lunch Eyeshadow
Knight Divine Eyeshadow
Bare Slimshine
Zoomlash Mascara in Zoomblack
181 Brush

Define & Blend brush set
brush bag
brush holder

Reviews to follow!

Review : Ellana Mineral Powder Blush in Flirtation

I'm not a blush person although I'm guilty of having more than 1 blusher. Of course, you can never have too many when it comes to makeup.

Most of my blushers are in pink and coral shades. And of course, my favorite is Fashion 21's blush in #1 (yes, it beats my high end brand blushers).

When I received my free samples from Ellana, the blusher that they included was Flirtation. When I first saw it, I thought it was too pink. Even the boyfriend made a comment about it. Not that he didn't like it, but he said it was very obvious that I had makeup on.

Ellana blush in Flirtation, 2.5g, Php180

Flirtation on my cheeks

My first blushers from Ellana are Fulfillment and Happiness. I got Fulfillment because it is their best-seller. As per Ellana SA, Happiness is the kind of blush that can be used daily. I didn't think of purchasing Flirtation because I found it too pink then. A few months after, I saw the Ellana samples I got and tried Flirtation again. This time, I liked how it looked on my cheeks. So, I purchased Flirtation when I dropped by the Ellana counter again.

- a little goes a long way
- affordable
- gives that just pinched cheeks effect
- healthy makeup
- good staying power (lasts the entire day for indoors)

- can be messy upon application
- hard to even out the application

- try different blush brushes to see which one works best for you
- can be used as a setting powder for cream blushes

I think I put too much blush the first time I tried Flirtation. Well, I wasn't used to applying MMU then hehe. But yeh, practice makes perfect and now I can control how much to put on my cheeks whenever I'm using this. I'm really loving the pink glow it gives on my cheeks. My ever so favorite F21 blush is now inside my traincase resting. This MMU is what I currently have in my makeup kit. I use this everyday and I will not think twice of purchasing this blush again once the sifter jar becomes empty.

MMU really is love!

Review: Maybelline Cat Eyes Mascara

It's finally 2010! Have you made your New Year's resolution list?

Part of my New Year's resolution list is to find my HG mascara. I've used Fasio mascara for the longest time. It's a very good mascara actually. I just hate the fact that it's so hard to remove. Really hard to remove.

So, I've decided to try Maybelline's Cat Eyes mascara.

Php429 at leading department stores

comb like wand

mascara on my left eye (uncurled)

- affordable
- available locally
- unique mascara brush
- easy to apply
- gives a tad volume to lashes
- easy to remove

- poor staying power
- transfers to lower lash line after a few hours
- doesn't give the cat eyes effect
- the volumizing effect doesn't do justice
- kinda stings my eyes

- use an angled or flat liner brush if you want to put mascara on your lower lash lines
- curl your lashes before applying mascara
- use a mascara top coat or seal

I can take the fact that it doesn't give much of a cat eye effect cos I can always use an eyelash curler for that. But I will not repurchase this mascara because it transfers to my lower lash lines giving me a punched black eye look. I'm not satisfied with the volumizing and lengthening effect either.

Until I find my HG mascara, I'll stick with my Fasio and MAC mascara.

Happy New Year everyone!