Univers Kaizen Salon

Last night was our company's christmas party at SMX. I wanted to get my hair done but I had only an hour to have it done because the party was supposed to start at 6pm. We were advised to leave work at 4pm. I was thinking of getting my hair done at Bench Fix but there was no branch in MOA. Then I thought of Univers Kaizen Salon.

Who wouldn't be enticed with this salon?

color lab


lounge by the entrance

I originally wanted to curl my hair for the night. But I changed my mind the last minute since most of the ladies from my department curled their hair and wore dresses. So no to curls and dress.

Remember Angelica Panganiban on this year's PMPC Awards?

I so love the hair and makeup. I saved that photo in my phone and showed it to the hair stylist. There was a problem though. I had no photo of what the back of the hair looks like. Haha! The hair stylist, John, suggested a ribbon look for the back of my hair. He styled my hair for me to see it and decided from there if I liked it or what. When he showed it to me, I was like, "Wow, that's nice. I like it!"

drying my hair after shampoo

Apologies for the bad angle of the photos. The person who took those shots is really bad with photography aka as the boyfriend haha! I wasn't able to take photos of my hairdo right after it was done cos I was such in a hurry. Photo were taken 3-4hours after.

Oh yeh, the style of the back of my hair is Miriam Quiambao inspired. That was her hair style on Miss Universe 1998. Front of my hair was still Angelica Panganiban inspired.

The best part about this salon experience is that hair styling is only Php395! Cash comes in handy though cos credit cards are only accepted if your bill is Php1000 and up.

I asked for the pricelist but the receptionist told me that it's only available thru phone inquiry.

Univers Kaizen Salon is located at 2nd Floor South Wing Building of the SM Mall of Asia. You may contact them at 893-5007.

* photos of the salon are taken from StyleBible.ph
** photo of Angelica Panganiban is taken from pep.ph


  1. what a modern salon! i would love to live there, haha. and your hair looks fabulous! i love how the red helped so much with the do.

  2. @ jae: Thanks! Yes, it's a very nice salon :)

  3. Nice! I suddenly miss having long hair because you can play with all kinds of hairstyles with long locks. It's pretty, good job to Kaizen Salon :)

  4. @ r u s s: I used to have short hair too. Short hair is love! But so is long hair haha!

  5. omgoodness! I really like it ^_^ and the price is so great too.

  6. sis gem, ganda ng hairstyle mo as in... hope ud post a pic showing us how the front of your hair looked like... i likey! i wish my hair is longer so I'd be able to imitate the same hairstyle for a special event...

  7. @ krissy: thanks! :)

    @ becky: the price is the best thing about the hairstyle haha :)

    @ purple patch: i'll post a photo as soon as my friends upload photos from the party :)

    @ kay: i do too! :)

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  9. The model is so elegant, but I'm more interested with the pieces of your hair which look so healthy ^-^


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