Review: NYX Concealer in a Jar in Beige

Everyone of us is searching for our HG concealer. I've tried several brands - from drugstore to high end brands but I still haven't found my HG concealer. I regularly use MAC select cover-up concealer. It's not my HG concealer but it's the best among the concealers I've tried.

And since I'm on the search, I purchased NYX concealer in a Jar. I've heard many raves about it. And it's about time to see if it's HG potential.

NYX concealer in a Jar in Beige
Php300 at Digitaltraincase

shelf life of 12mos

swatch on my hand

left eye without concealer

left eye with concealer

- creamy
- easy to blend
- a little goes a long way
- has a nice smell
- nice packaging
- affordable

- cakes/creases easily
- packaging is made of plastic which can cause the concealer to dry up faster than it's supposedly shelf life

- always use a clean concealer brush
- do not share this concealer with other as much as possible
- close the lid immediately

Verdict: 3 out of 5

So, is this my HG concealer now? No. The fact that it creases easily is a total turn off to me. I hate having to check my eyes every so often to see if it creases again. However, I really love that it blends so well it's like liquid. I'm using this now though because it only has a shelf life of 12mos and its packaging is the type that would make the concealer dry up. I want to make the most out of my Php300.


  1. Learned something new today :)
    I didn't know that if make-up is in a plastic container, it dries up faster. I like that it's jar-type. Where can I get this? Do they have it in Rustan's?

    I think sulit ang shelf-life na 12 months. I mean, we really shouldn't be keeping make-up for a long time right?Ü

  2. Based from experience, it dries up fast. Even my Stile smudge pots dried up cos of the plastic jar container. NYX is not available in Rustan's. I got this online at Digitaltraincase @ multiply. :)

    Sulit sana ang shelf life of 12mos. But it's such a hassle when it dries up after 4mos of using it :(

  3. sayang naman and it creases easily. so i guess i'm better off with my MAC select cover up too.

  4. @ crystal: yeh, ako rin. I'll still stick with MAC select cover up :)

    Btw, I already received the BDJ planner. Thanks alot! :)


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