Minerales, Anyone?


Minerales booth at DavCon

I've come across this booth while I was going around a bazaar last weekend. Obviously. the brand is very new - Minerales. It claims to be of a higher quality than Monave. It's made in the USA. It's the first time I've heard of the brand. Their sampler size retails at Php180 and it's only 0.75 grams. Their mineral liquid foundation is about Php1600+. I'm really curious about this brand but what hindered me from buying samples was the price.

If you guys have tried this brand already, please give me a heads up!


  1. wah...seems so nice, very interesting! thanks for sharing

  2. Looks okay.
    I've never really tried those kinds of make-up. I'll ask friend if they got to try it :)

  3. My classmate Earl told me he met you. ;)

    I didn't have the chance to visit DavCon. :(

  4. oh sounds interesting!

  5. @ Emily and Khymm: no prob :)

    @ r u s s: mineral makeup is nice. I get more compliments when I'm using it than traditional makeup. Some are allergic to mmu tho.

    @ Nikki: Yup, I met Earl. I was in Davao last weekend :)

    @ melroxx: it is. not the price tho.


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