Etude House Has Arrived!

The long wait is over! Etude House is finally in MNL! It opened yesterday.

from the outside



romantic stand mirror, Php398
romantic beauty stand, P198
Peach Bloom Brush, Php478
French manicure tip guide, Php28
auto lipliner, Php98
matte eyeshadow in #2, P148
slanted eyeliner brush, P148

eyelash curler
pink folder with their endorser

Can I just say wow?! I'm really impressed with their store. Interior wise, the store looks way different from the stores in other asian countries. It lacks that barbie house vibe if you know what I mean. But the prices are very affordable. They're even cheaper here than in Bangkok. Well, I can't say this for all the items. But the price of the bb cream in Bangkok is around Php1000+. But here, it's only about Php600+. Their lipsticks start at Php278 if I remember correctly.

I tried my best not to buy makeup because I already have so much. But I just gotta try at least one of their eyeshadows. Hehe. I passed on their lipsticks cos I really have a lot IMO. Maybe I'll buy next year. I opted for the lipliner instead since I don't have much of that. Their brushes are affordable, too! A stippling brush for less than Php500?!

I'll definitely go back and buy more of their items! That's a promise!

So, girls be sure to visit Etude House! It's located on the 1st floor of SM Megamall Mega A.


  1. Is it a Korean brand?
    I've not heard of it.Ö

  2. waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!! me and my friends might go crazy buying there!!! :D thanks for the info! :D

  3. wow, sana meron sila nung magic bb cream.. :)

  4. wow isnt just amazing to see etude here in manila can't wait to go there....

    BTW, merry christmas and happy shopping!

  5. waah! ang cu-cute! wanna try that brand but its not available here.. their prices are cheap too! san mall sha meron?

  6. aaaahh~the famouse baby pink store of etude...kanina pa akong tumutingin ng google earth di ko talaga makita way para pumunta sa mega mall...tago mode sa husband eh ahaha.sana hindi lang sila intro price.they are uber affordable

  7. @ russ: yup, it's a Korean brand. :)

    @ geli: you'll definitely go crazy buying their stuff! I did! :)

    @ dramaramas: they have bb cream. I just can't remember if it's the magic bb cream since they have 2-3 kinds in Bangkok with I went to their store. But the bb cream here in MNL retails at Php600+ :)

  8. @ elsa: yeh, seeing Etude House here is amazing. I literally jumped and my eyes got bigger when I saw their store!

    @ khymm: they only have one store pa lang.. it's in sm megamall :)

    @ shobe: yeh, i hope they remain affordable :)

  9. OMG! Too bad I rarely get to go to Megamall! I hope they get to open in Glorietta at least :)

  10. @ kaye: yeh i hope they branch out fast!

  11. hmm .. Etude house is indeed really tempting^^ but it quiet pricey in my country. I prefer buy it in online shop since it is more cheaper than the real stores.

  12. wow, nibuena-manohan mo sila no?! can't wait to visit the store! :)

  13. @ mapple: thats sad that it's pricey in your country.. good thing we can shop online! :)

    @ bianca: yeh pretty much. sakto inis ako sa boyfriend ko kaya napabili rin ako haha :)

  14. Oh wow! Looks cute! Please tell em to open a branch in Davao. hehehehe. Happy holidays!

  15. mag OPEN na din ang ETUDE house sa SM fairview this sunday! sa dept store nga lan kc yubg boutiqe is by November pa.


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