Review: Stila Eyeshadow in Kitten

If you know Stila, then you definitely know their eyeshadow in Kitten!

Last September, I was able to get this best selling Stila eyeshadow during Stila's workshop at Rustans as a freebie. It also comes with a refillable compact. According to Desiree Tordesillas, one of Stila's VPs, this shade is versatile because you can change its effect by applying it dry or wet. Different makeup brands tried to dupe this shade but failed.

the very famous shimmering nude pink shade

applied dry

applied wet

- versatile shade
- bigger pan than other e/s pans
- shade is available here in MNL
- e/s is sold cheaper here
- pigmented
- easy to blend
- does not crease

- a bit chalky
- refillable compact sold separately

- if you want a sheen effect, apply it dry (for daytime look)
- to make it shimmer, apply it wet (for night time look)
- use e/s in Chinois as e/s base


  1. I have this shade in smudge pot version ^.^ haven't tried it yet though but it looks very pretty in the jar

  2. thanks for the review! I have yet to get my own Stila kitten! it is a pretty shade :)

    btw, I love how long your nails are! you keep them so healthy too! could you please share any nail care tips if you have any? thanks <3

  3. Your nails are so long :o acrylic or natural ^^ ?

    I like Stila, this is a fun brand ^^

  4. the shadow looks gorgeous! i've always been comtemplating on buying this popular shade for so long.. but i think i might buy it!

  5. Whoah this eyeshadow look so pretty. I honestly love the color. ^_^ Very nice freebie :)

  6. @ chelle: awww.. you have the stila holiday smudge pot set?!?!? inggit ako haha!

    @ lulu: to be honest, i don't hve any nail care tips cos i don't put anything on my nails apart from nail polish hehe

  7. @ carine: my nails are natural.. not acrylic. I've given up on having my nails done because i hate how it looks when my nails start growing longer.

    yeh i gotta agree that stila is a fun brand.

    @ erica: def a must-have IMO. =)

    @ twinouls888: a nice freebie indeed! :)


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