Review: Nivea My Silhouette Slimming & Reshaping Gel-Cream

I'll let you in on a secret.

I eat as much as a man does. I hardly drink water. I live on sodas. But my body is still toned. And no, I don't go to the gym on a regular basis. Heck, I haven't gone for more than one year actually.

I've got no other thing to thank but this:

Nivea My Silhouette
Slimming & Reshaping Gel-Cream

From Nivea's website:
NIVEA research has developed the natural Bio-Slim Complex that combines the high-performance active ingredients White tea and Anise extract for a dual action of slimming & reshaping.

White tea slims down fat cells and prevents them from growing back
Anise extract activates skin’s cell-metabolism which leads to increased collagen production to tone and reshape the skin.
Proven results:

The regular use of NIVEA My Silhouette! leads to a reduction of up to 3 cm on targeted body parts such as thighs, hips, waist and belly.

First slimming results are measurable after already 4 weeks
The skin is noticeably better toned and more elastic.

I've been using this gel cream since May. I decide to use gel cream because it was summer then and I didn't like the sticky feeling of putting lotion on my body. Gel cream is not as sticky as lotion is. Today, I finally emptied this gel cream! My body frame is that of a normal Asian female. I'm not fat but I'm not thin either. I've always had problems with my waist, tummy, and hips - those areas. But when I started using this, I also started getting comments from people saying I lost weight. I actually forgot what the purpose of this gel cream is because putting it on ertain parts of my b9ody has been a routine. But when I had dinner with my friends last month, I received the same comment - that I lost weight. My other friend commented and said that it was because of this Nivea product that I was using. And there you have it.. the lightbulb in my head lit! This gel cream works!

- effective
- visible results
- lasts up to six months
- affordable

- weird scent for a few seconds

I'll definitely buy this again! No doubt!

Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. thanks for sharing Gem! will definitely buy this! still have a lot of fats in my tummy area due to pregnancy!

  2. affordable and efficient ? seems great !

  3. tnx for the review girl, very informative :)

  4. i need to try this! :P
    firmer bodies are always nicer to have ;)

  5. ok I NEED this! thanks for sharing :)

  6. Oh, wow! I've always been skeptical about slimming lotions/creams/gels as I'm a firm believer that exercise and diet is the way to go, but your review will make me pick up a tube, just to see if it will have the same effect on me as it had with you.

    Thanks for the review!

  7. @ khymm and donnarence: you're welcome! no problem! hope this entry helps you a bit! :)

    @ carine: it is great!

    @ twinsouls888 and sher: no prob!

    @ kay: yeh firmer boides are really nice to have!

    @ dea: let me know if has the same effect on you :)


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