Photoshoot at Rouge Studio

My friend and I had another photoshoot last November 2, this time, at Rouge Studio. I won't be disclosing what the photoshoot was for because that's another story.

doing Patricia's makeup

killing time while they were doing the shoot

the tandem

These photos are unedited and these are all I have. The rest is with Arvin. There are 12 sets for this shoot! He's still editing the photos. To see more of the photos, visit Arvin's blog.


  1. oh so beautiful pictures, love them :)

  2. @ Khymm: if getting paid for makeup gigs make you a pro, then yes. This shoot was free tho cos my friend and I go way back hehe. I'm still a newbie to being a pro tho. I just finished my one on one makeup artistry lessons a month ago :)

    @ audrey: I love them too :)

  3. Nice gig, Gem. You're so pretty you should be the model next time =D

  4. Great gig!! You look so fresh and lovely there! Heehee, I love that last photo of you and the photographer! ^.^

  5. @ the neurochiq: hehe thanks! i like to be behind the scenes more tho haha :)

    @ Lisa: love that photo too :)

    @ Crystal: very nice! :)


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