Nyx Round Lipstick in Thalia as Lipstick of the Week (Nov 2 - 8)

I was supposed to post this last Monday but I didn't notice it was on draft until now. Haha!

I've come up with Lipstick of the Week to assure that I will be using all the lipsticks I purchased two months ago and moving forward.

Last week's lippie was NYX round lipstick in Thalia.
I've heard good raves about this shade and alot of NYX lipstick users have and recommend this shade. I knew my NYX lipstick Army would be incomplete without this shade so I waited for 3 months until I was able to get a hold of this tube.

Thalia on my lips

Honestly, this shade confuses me. Every time I look at it from the tube, I'm convinced that it's light brown. But every time I apply it on my lips, it seems like pink or mauve or pinkish brown to me. The flashed washed out the shade that's why it looks more pink than brown. It's darker in actual. t's a pretty much neutral shade so you can wear this everyday and if you're not akin to uber nude shades, you can match this with a smokey eye look.

This is not a NYX round lipstick review. For that, click here.

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. it looks mauve-y to me heehee. :)
    im thinking of getting thalia too.

  2. prettty. I can kinda see the brown or warm undertones in the pic of the lipstick by itself

  3. I love it! It's very pretty on you :) And you're too cute to have Lipstick of the Week just to make sure you use all of 'em :D

  4. It's a nice discipline to have a lipstick of the week so you don't get to waste the products =) Thanks for the tip! haha, if my lipstick collection grew I'd do this too...

  5. @ oOchaOo: Thalia is nice to have :)

    @ // krissy <3: too cute :)

    @ Becks: I'm kind of color blind. Ironic =D

    @ teeyah: thanks dear! I have to think of ways on how I can use up all those lipsticks. :)

    @ Chelle: no prob ;)

  6. I want to try NYX lipsticks! I heard they're really good =P

    And I don't know what's wrong, but I can't see your photos of the lipstick or swatch! I only see a multiple logo. [Btw, I'm using Firefox]

    Follow me please?

  7. @ ~Lisa: Teeyah also said the same thing.. I'm also using Firefox but I can see photos. I'll see what I can do about it. Maybe you can delete your cookies? :)

  8. nice color! it looks very pretty on you. :)

  9. @ charry: thank you! strawberry milk looks pretty on you :)


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