Shu Uemura PK312 as Lipstick of the Week (Nov 16 - 22)

Apologies for the lack of updates. Been pretty busy lately.

Here's another LotW featuring....

Shu Uemura lipstick in PK312

without flash

with flash
pardon the candid photo

I'll do a mini review on the lipstick. It's a mini review cos I've only used the lipstick for a day.

- glides on smoothly
- good scent
- unique packaging
- gives the lips a natural pinkish look
- this shade works on morenas

- very sheer
- sheen (think of MAC's glaze lipsticks)

- use lip erase if you have very pihnk or reddish lips
- use a dark concealer to make the color pop; the color blends and disappears on a light colored concealer

I'm actually kind of disappointed with this shade. This is my second lipstick from Shu Uemura and my first lipstick is love - nice to keep. This lipstick tho is so-so because it's very sheer. The first time I saw this was when Rustans had an exclusive sale in our office. I swatched the lipstick on the back of my palm and I really liked the color. I bought it two weeks later. It was really pigmented on my hand but when I glided it on my lips, I hardly saw the lovely pink shade that was on my hand. However, I'm not giving up on this lipstick yet because a few still noticed my lips today. After a few glides, I thought it's similar to NARS lipstick in Roman Holiday. This one is lighter than NARS although they're both sheer. Also, PK312 has a sheen once applied to your lips. It's sheen cos it's not shimmery. This could be a con tho, however, if you're not used to a lipstick that has a sheen/shimmery effect. This lipstick is suitable for morenas too, imo, since it's sheer. It won't give that shocking or avant garde feel on morenas.

Nonetheless, this lipstick is nice to have if you're into pink lipsticks.

Happy Monday!


  1. I think it's a nice colour. We could all use a sheer lipstick every once in a while.

    BTW, how's the packaging? I've never used Shu Umera lipsticks before and I'm accident prone so if it's not a sturdy casing then I more than likely break them.

  2. I think it's gorgeous and the the sheerness is a plus for me!

    It looks gorgeous on you, i think it's just enough to give you that hint of pink but looking very au natural :)

  3. ooh gorgeousness. it seems similar to the 322 which i have.

  4. I like the shade, it's not screaming :)

  5. @ lelo: yeh, I'd have to agree with you.. we could all use a sheer lipstick once in a while.

    The packaging is okay but it's not recommended to accident prone people like me, IMO. It's sturdy alrght but if you accidentally drop the lipstick, there's a big chance that the tube will separate/break from the outer tube(?) that twists the lipsticks upwards. It happened to me several times already.

    @ cheechun: on second thoughts, I'm loving the hint of pink look on my lips. I hated it yesterday haha :)

    @ su-pah: i also want too try 322 and 308.. all in the same family!

    @ r u s s: the shade doesnt scream.. it has a sheen tho :)


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