Food Escapade at Solihiya

A friend of from Australia visited Manila and he wanted to eat Filipino food. I suggested a restaurant that I haven't eaten at so we could both be food critics for a day.

Solihiya, Greenbelt 5

free appetizer

ripe mango shake

pork sisig

steamed fish (?)

This restaurant ia okay. It's similar to most Filipino restaurants but what I love about Solihiya is the price. Food is not overpriced. Our bill was only Php800+ (less than 20USD). Not bad for two hungry people. However, the food was nothing extraordinary. I still prefer Sentro (if we're talking about Filipino restaurants) but Solihiya is still worth trying. The appetizers were not appetizing to me because I don't eat those. They have good ambiance and service though.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Agree! Sentro has got to have the best Filipino cuisine yet. Second for me though is Mesa :)

  2. I agree with Teeyah :)
    Thanks for sharing this one. I'd love to try it one time. Greenbelt 5 has a lot interesting restaurants.

  3. oh i'll try those places sometime :D yum post :D

  4. this ripe mango shake makes me thirsty :p

  5. Whoah yummy food, I love the mango shake and the pork sisig. I always like your food post girl, they make me hungry. I'll try checkin' out some of the restos that you featured they look real nice & the food looks really yummy ^_^

  6. @ teeyah: Sentro is love noh? For me, Fely J's comes in second place or I don't know.... I haven't really thought of the second best resto for me haha =D

    @ r u s s: I love Greenbelt 5!

    @geli-pet: alrighty :)

  7. @ carine: you just gotta love fruit shakes!

    @ twinsouls888: I loved their mango shake. if only they had green mango shake! Pls do a food post once you've tried out the restos I've featured :)


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