Audrey Marathon

I love Audrey Hepburn! I also love the items that were inspired by her like the very famous and classy LV Speedy.

When I was on my way to the cinema, I chanced upon this dvd rack sale and look what I found:

These two box sets only cost Php750! That's less than 20USD. They're not bootlegs, don't worry. Can't wait to watch them when I get back to MNL!

Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. Ooh! Good deal! :)

    And you sound like you're on vacation. Yay!

  2. really great deal! i love audrey too...she's so classy. my favourite is sabrina and bfast at tiffs!

  3. So lucky! It's hard to find Audrey Hepburn DVDs--and for such a great price :) I loved Roman Holiday a lot. Makes me feel nostalgic and girly inside lol

  4. @ teeyah: thank God for sales! yeh, i'm on vacation... a very much needed vacay! :)

    @ freshelle: so far, i've only seen breakfast at tiffany's.. but that was still back in high school. that's why i bought the whole to rekindle my love for audrey haha!

    @ tammy: yeh audrey hepburn dvds are hard to find and they're usually expensive since they're classic. i have yet to see roman holiday but methinks i'm gon love it too :)

  5. Great deal! I love Audrey Hepburn, she's so beautiful ^.^


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