Stila Workshop

Last September 19, Stila had a workshop in Rustan's Shangri-la. I just had to attend because I was told by one of the SAs that an international make-up artist would conduct the workshop. When I got there, I was in shock that not only is she a make-up artist, she is also Stila's VP - no other than Desiree Tordesillas! Oh, she's Filipino too!

She has one of the coolest jobs! She get to travel the world to promote Stila.

It was a fun workshop. Of course, she talked about Stila and how it is different from other make-up brands. I've been using Stila since highschool but I never knew until that workshop that their makeup is made of minerals and it is pure pigments that's been pressed. So, yes Stila is a healthy make-up and it actually enhances your skin because of the added ingredients like Dermaxyl to name a few.

Desiree also made us write our questions that we might have. She gave us techniques and freebies if we answered her questions correctly!

So, look what I got FOR FREE:

eyeshadow in Kitten
refillable aluminum compact
#15 double-sided crease and liner brush

As we all know, Kitten eyeshadow is the best-seller eyeshadow! A lot of make-up brands tried creating a dupe but it still doesn't give the same effect that the Kitten eyeshadow does. If you know Stila, you should have heard of Kitten. It retails at 18USD just for the eyeshadow and another 2USD for its case. We were all so lucky that Desiree decided to give Kitten as a prize.

While Desiree was showing us makeup techniques (how to do makeup in 10mins), she kept on mentioning that her fave brush ever is Stila's #15 brush. She can't live without that brush because it's just so versatile. You can do wonders with that brush alone. True enough.

The workshop started at 4:15 and ended at about 7:30pm. It was so much fun that we didn't even notice the time! Desiree also told us that 'I Love Barbie' will be launched here in MNL soon. We're the only country that will have this collection cos other countries have bought certain rights in celebrating Barbie's 50th. So, yay for us! She will also visit the country once a year to promote Stila.

I really enjoyed this workshop. It made me love Stila even more! =)


  1. I heard stila in malaysia has closed down.

  2. wow that's great!

    yey for ur freebies! :D kitten looks great!

  3. wow they didn't give us freebies in Glorietta! I should have went to Shang!^.^

    hurrah Stila barbie's coming! I wanna get the cobalt clutch now... did they tell when?

  4. love the stila goodies!!! ^_^ it's always great when you get freebies!

  5. Oh cute goodies! I've always wanted to try Stila but they're not accessible in where I live. :(

  6. i'm so jealous! i wanted to go but i wasn't available that day.

  7. Lucky you! I didn't know Stila had a workshop. Too bad.

  8. ohh nice! Ive always wanting to go to one of these...

  9. Aww! You're so lucky! Hope you'll enjoy the freebies you got!! I still haven't tried any Stila products...Hmmm...Stila! Have a workshop in Toronto soon!

    Please visit my blog at

  10. wow, that's awesome.

    i actually had an interview with a stila regional rep today and i'm going to be freelancing for them. :)

  11. Woah you got them free? Lucky girl ^_^

  12. @ Sherry: Really? Well, I don't know.

    @ Mia: Kitten is the perfect pink-nude shade :D

    @ Chelle: Really, no freebies? I thought she gave more freebies on the first workshop!

    Desiree said it should be out by October but I checked the Stila counter last weekend and it's not there yet :( Guess we just have to wait!

    @ Calia Yang: freebies are the best hehe!

    @ Fifi: it used to be not available here in MNL. I practically grew up knowing Stila so it was hard when I moved here and Stila was out of reach. You can try ordering online or ask your friends or relatives to buy them for you :)

  13. @ Crystal: You should have gone! I was hoping to see beauty bloggers but I didn't. Sayang hehe :)

    @ Nina: the workshop was only for two days. It was their way of promoting Stila since they just launched the brand here in MNL last September :)

    @ Sher: nice indeed :)

    @ ~Lisa: Actually, Desiree's next stop was Toronto and Vancouver. She stayed there for two weeks promoting Stila! Maybe they had the workshop at the Bay or elsewhere. Then she went down to New York. :)

    @ lelo: you're so lucky lelo! Goodluck on your freelancing! I hope to work for them as freelance or regular once I move back to LA. Their head office is just a block away from our house in California :)

    @ Twee: yes, they were all free :)

  14. Lucky girl! :) Kitten is sooo pretty!

  15. Barbie would come! ^.^ I called up yesterday and a nice SA said end of October or early November but the SA who talked to me today didn't know what would arrive 0_0 I'm now confused. I'll try calling again later or tomorrow and see if the nice SA is around.
    I'm eyeing the all dolled up palette but I heard it's not in the Barbie packaging but in a simpler packaging.*sob*

  16. @ Teeyah: it's a lovely color, I'm so loving it! :)

    @ Chelle: I'm waiting for the smudge pots! Let's hoard together when Barbie comes! =D

  17. i'm so sad - i absolutely love stila but they don't sell it in the UK anymore. it's just so sad :(

    love you blog - it's really interesting and i always come see what you're up to.

    by the way, have you seen our big beauty giveaway? you might like it...come see.

    love tbag xx

  18. wow
    those freebies are amazing!

  19. @ The Beautiful and Glammed: try purchasing Stila online :)

    @ Jordy: yes they are!


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