Review: Nars Lipstick in Dolce Vita

As promised, here's my rewiew about one of Nars' most talked about lipstick - Dolce Vita.

Nars lipstick in Dolce Vita, Php1,250

You might ask what made me choose Dolce Vita when I'm not that partial to red/rose shades. I actually wanted Roman Holiday but I have way too many pink lipsticks so I opted for Dolce Vita since it's sheer anyway. When I got home, I was kinda scared to apply it on my lips but I eventually had to since I have no plans of selling this.

So after taking a photo of the tube, I applied it on my lips. The lipstick has a scent that I can't decipher. It's not a bad smell, don't worry. The lipstick glides on smoothly because it's creamy. However, I had apply it about 4 times on my lips for the shade to really show. You might have to apply more than 4 times if your lips have darker lining.

So, that's the photo of me wearing Dolce Vita on my lips. Pardon my pimple. I just had my facial check-up. On my 'Lipsticks Galore' post, most of the comments were keen about the swatches of the lipsticks particularly this lipstick. No more swatching since I'm showing how it's like on my lips. The swatch might be deceiving. But then again, can you really tell that I'm wearing a lipstick? No, right?! It is indeed a my-lips-but-better (MLBB) lipstick!

And I don't know if it's just me or what, but I feel that it also moisturizes my lips or at least it feels that way. =)

- creamy texture
- good scent
- long wearing
- versatile shade
- makes your lips look healthy
- gives red/rose shades a whole new meaning

In between:
- very sheer (some like it sheer, some don't since you have to apply over and over)

- pricey
- shorter than most lipsticks

So, what can you say about Nars Dolce Vita? =)


  1. Love the color of the lipstick. Cute pic!!!

  2. thanks for the review!
    the lipstick looks nice on you and you look really gorgeous as well!

  3. i have that and it truly is a go to color during the days when you don't want to see yourself wearing lipstick though you are wearing one.

    and i love how it seriously enhances my lips. they always look kissable and healthy whenever I'm wearing this.

    even hubby commented. "your lips look bite worthy whenever you're wearing that shade." :)

  4. Wow! I love the color of it but it could be a bit more pigmented.

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  5. Looks like I'll get one of those from Nars one of these days. In general, as a make-up, is Nars okay? Especially for Asian skin?

  6. How strange that it's so sheer, especially for a lipstick that's shorter (and expensive) than many. Though I'm not one for berry shades either, I think the colour looks lovely on you :)

  7. It looks nice & natural on you, though for more special days, I would love a more pigmented & dramatic one. The "MLBB" sounds cute! =)

  8. It looks really nice on you.. I didn't expect it to be that sheer because I've heard a lot about it but now I know.. since I was planning on picking one up!

  9. the shade is really nice on you sis!
    i would love to hoard on NARS lippies, too bad they're really pricey heehee :p

  10. the color of the lipstick is fantastic! x

  11. @ Jasmin: Dolce vita is indeed lovely :)

    @ Dina (XYYan): you're most welcome :)

    @ THE BEAUTY JUNKEE: I'd have to agree with you. It really does enhance the lips. Good thing your hubby likes it. My boyfriend still prefers my nude lipsticks! Haha!

    @ ~Lisa: the color is buildable though..

    @ r u s s: choose between belle de jour, roman holiday, or dolce vita for lipstick. they blend well with any skin tone IMO. Yes, Nars is a good makeup. What's better is that their products are permanent unlike MAC so you don't have to go crazy and haul like crazy for collections. :)

  12. @ Tammy: Yeh, it's odd that it's shorter than other expensive lipsticks. I actually expected Nars' lipsticks to be of the same size or even longer. But hey, the color pay-off compensates for the shorter lipstick :)

    @ The NeuroChiq: based from the other ladies who have this lipstick or at least tried it, I think the reason why it's sheer is to have that natural just bitten lips effect :)

    @ lelo: I also didn't expect it to be that sheer! It's still a nice shade nonetheless :)

    @ Kyhmm: Thanks sweetie :)

    @ oOchaOo: should you decide to hoard on Nars, be sure it's gon be one of your HG cos pricey talga! Hehe!

    @ MelRoXx: it is :)

  13. Nice color :) I personally love a not-too-obvious (sheer) lipstick. Lipsticks that will make my lip look simple but sweet. I think it might be a sign of shy personality

  14. i've seen a lot of raves about this, but 1250 is pretty steep! it's a very pretty color though.

  15. @ mapple: I know what you mean about preferring not too obvious lipsticks. But I don't think it has anything to do about you being shy :)

    @ Crystal: yep, php1250 is no joke so you better be decided if you're getting this lippie hehe :D


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