On Loving Cole Vintage

Last weekend, I went shopping again. Destination: Mia Bella!

I visited the store two Fridays ago to check the items they have. I had to get the product code for the 30% discount. A week after, I came back ready to splurge.

Sebastian bag
three dresses
Uganda espadrilles

I love Cole Vintage! I love 90% of their items. They have gimmick and corporate outfits. They are not overpriced so you won't feel guilty spending alot on that store. I also love the fact that I can get 20-30% discount on regular items and an additional 10% discount on sale items. If you want an item from this store, let me know and maybe I can get you the same discount!

Would you believe that I only spent Php2,300 on these five items?! Not bad, right?!

I tried to take photos of the dresses on a hanger but they didn't look nice. So I deleted them. So just wait for my OOTD.

I didn't get to ask why the name of the store is Mia Bella. But all their items are from Cole Vintage.

Mia Bella is located at 2F Serendra, BGC.


  1. True. Their pieces are beyond classy, too :)

  2. Fantastic haul! Love the espadrilles!

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  4. I have a pair of espadrilles exactly like those from H&M. I love Mia bella, they used to sell "V Clothing" there, i got my work tops there before just don't know if they stil have it.

  5. wow so cute. ang liit ng paa mo sis. ;)

  6. Php 2,300 for all of them? That's not bad! and the shoes are so nice, love love love it =)

  7. Php 2,300 for all of them? That's not bad! and the shoes are so nice, love love love it =)

  8. omg! great finds. and i love the shoes. they are absolutely adorable. =)

  9. @ teeyah: I totally agree :)

    @ nina: im loving the espadrilles too!

    @ cabyness: ooh, i'm not sure if they still have v clothing. dint notice it.

    @ trizh: oh now trizh, maybe the shoes just look small in the picture. I'm usually a size 7. Minsan 8. My Blahniks are size 9 tho haha! I guess it depends on the style! :)

  10. @ neurochiq: yeh php2300 lang! thank God for additional discounts haha! i'm loving the shoes too ad theyre very comfy! :)

    @ khymm: yes very nice. loves it! i already booked my flight for sinulog!!!!

    @ chinkygirlmel: not to mention theyre only php700 after so much discount! its original price was php1200+ :)

  11. i love these things,
    your blog is soo good!
    i love it!


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