Lipsticks Galore!

Looking at the lipsticks I've purchased over the past month makes me think that there was a scarcity of lipstick. Told you guys I'm having a lipstick phase right now. And we're only talking about the lipsticks I purchased last September. If we add the lipsticks I purchased in August and back.... oh man! Haha!

Stila convertible color in Petunia
Nars lipstick in Dolce Vita
Elf plumping glaze in Baby Doll
Shu Uemura in PK312
Nyx lipstick in Perfect
Nyx lipstick in Circe
Nyx lipstick in Tea Rose
Nyx lipstick in B52
Nyx lipstick in Pumpkin Pie
MAC lipstick in Madly Creative

I purchased Stila's convertible color in Petunia because Stila's SA was insisting that the shade looks good on me. She was already getting into my nerves so I bought it to shut her up. Besides, my Peony and Lilium is almost empty.. so why not.

I bought Nars lipstick in Dolce Vita mainly because I had Php1490 credit in Rustan's since I wanted to exchange my Stila Illuminating foundation for something else. Originally, I was just planning on exchanging my 30 watts to 40 watts but it was out of stock. They said that I only have 7 days to exchange the item and they're not gon have any stock of 40 watts anytime soon. So I went to Nars counter and checked Orgasm but they didn't have stock (ugh) so I checked their lipsticks. I was thinking of Belle De Jour or Roman Holiday. But I have way too many nude and pink lipsticks, I went for Dolce Vita since it's also sheer.

I bought Elf plumping glaze in Baby Doll because of the plumping glaze and not because of the shade. I had a hard timing choosing because I'm color illiterate. Thank god, Sab was with me to check the colors haha! I actually bought 2 plumpling glaze lipgloss. I gave the other one to Sab since she helped me with the shades.

I actually don't know why I bought Shu Uemura PK312. I even forgot about it until I took that photo.

I bought the Nyx lipsticks because they're cheap. The total amount of those lipsticks is almost equivalent to one Nars lipstick. My first Nyx lipstick haul was kind of a disappointment because the boyfriend doesn't like 4 out of the 5 lipsticks I bought. So I only use them when I'm not with him which means never cos we're always together. Haha! But seriously, I only get to use them when I'm doing FOTDs that I don't upload!

The MAC lipstick was part of the Color Craft collection. Sab was in HK last August and I told her to get me MSF Porcelain Pink (but it was out of stock, another ugh)! So, I just settled for MSF Smooth Merge and Madly Creative lipstick. But I only got it two Thursdays ago. But what do you know? When stupidity strikes, it strikes big time! I honestly thought Madly Creative was a shade of pink! You know, a tad lighter then Made with Love. But yeh, I was wrong haha! Oh well!

And oh, another info about the lipsticks.. I HAVEN'T SWATCHED ANY OF THEM UNTIL NOW! HAHAHAHA! So the swatches, review, and FOTDs would have to wait. =)

Btw, I won't be able to upload mug shots this week because this week is facial week.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. wow lipsticks galore!! i'm so excited for you! i love dolce vita. it's such a vibrant color!
    please do a review on them if you can!

  2. wow you really are on a lipstick phase!!! but they all look so cool! I'm not much of a lipstick person, but your about to make me one!!!

    love your blog!!


  3. Nice lipstick haul!
    Can't wait to see Dolce Vita on you, it's always pretty on everyone's complexion :)

  4. Nice collection you've accumulated recently!! LOL This photo of lipsticks is already larger than my whole collection!! ^.^ But can't wait for your swatches! I want to get more lippies!

  5. I'm excited with the swatches! :) And so cute with the lipstick phase, dear. Happy Tuesday!

  6. Pumpkin Pie may just be my favorite color from nyx.
    it's the perfect orange nude

  7. Oohh...I'd love to see swatches of all the lippies. We have different skintones buy I do like Tea Rose, and I think it will look great on you!

  8. I love NYX lipsticks
    probably my favorite out of all the lipsticks i have

  9. i also love NYX! my faves are Louisiana and Tea rose..

  10. Wowwwww! :) I love it!

    "But seriously, I only get to use them when I'm doing FOTDs that I don't upload! --- This really cracked me up! Hahaha!

    I think I will never be in a lipstick phase. Or I don't know. Blush phase, yesssss! I love blushes! I could spend a day swatching different shades of blush. Hahahaha! :D

  11. hindi mo pa naswatch? wow that's going to be fun swatching all of them. haha.

  12. @ freshelle: i've heard alot of positive feedback about Dolce Vita.. even on makeupalley! Yes, I will gladly do a review. Wait for it :)

    @ g.r.i.t.s: this phase is fun nevertheless! wait for my reviews on these lipsticks so you'll also have this phase hehe :)

    @ Tammy: I'm so excited about Dolce Vita too. I'm just really busy with alot of things right now that I don't have time to even swatch these new lipsticks. But I'll post and fotd of me wearing Dolce Vita :D

    @ ~Lisa: I will be swatching them all and post it ASAP. Hoard on Nyx. Theyre cheap and uber pigmented :D

  13. @ Teeyah: I'm also excited about the swatches. I'll do them this weekend hehe. Happy Wednesday! :D

    @ Alyssa is the Queen: yeh, Pumpkin Pie seems like a nice color. I thought I wouldn't like the color but it looks better than Circe. I just don't know if it's gon be the same once I apply them on my lips.

    @ Crissy: I've also heard that Tea Rose is a good shade.. that and Indian Pink. Will be swatching and reviewing them soon. Just wait for it :)

    @ Angela: I'm liking Nyx so far cos they really have a wide range of colors. I just don't like its staying power (or the lack thereof) hahahahah! =D

    @ Khymm: I also have Louisiana! Nice color. It's like the new red! Hey, tell me where I can buy Nyx in Cebu. I'll be there for Sinulog! :D

    @ Noelle: Would you believe that I actually used to dislike lipsticks? I found it messy cos of the stains/marks that it leaves. But look at me now? I hoard them left and right! I love blushes too and thankfully I'm done with that phase! :)

    @ Crystal: oo, hindi ko pa na-swatch! That's why I'm looking forward to this weekend cos it's the soonest time taht I can swatch them :D

  14. wah, great lipstick collection

  15. pretty lippies gem! ill wait for the swatches too!i wish nyx cosmetics will be available soon here in manila :) they look so lovely :)

  16. Have you tried a lipstick from Victoria's Secret? Nice also.Ü

  17. @ oOchaOo: yes they're pretty and lovely :)

    @ r u s s: yes, I've tried Victoria Secret's lipsticks. They're moisturizing. But most of their lipsticks are like MAC's amplified creme. :)

  18. wow! a fellow lipstick eater. hello, i eat lipsticks too and i think i've purchased around 8- 9 lipsticks since july until october! yay! i'm sooo in love with this product. :)

  19. @ THE BEAUTY JUNKEE: We're gon get along well when it comes to lipsticks! :)


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