FOTD: The Linden Look

The reason why I'm calling this the Linden look is mainly because the photos were taken in Linden Suites. Two of my officemates threw a despedida party there. I thought it would be nice to do a smokey look since I planned on wearing black. Also, we were asked by the Union to wear black.

So, I woke up earlier than usual and went to work fully made up. It's a good thing that our office is not that strict when it comes to makeup. Besides, I didn't wanna rush doing my makeup after work.

It was a fun night. However, I don't have a lot decent photos. Most of the photos were candid.

I'm gon say this again, it was a fun night. And LOL on the last photo. At least the boyfriend said that even though the photo was funny, my makeup still looked fab. Haha!

TGIF everyone!


  1. you look beautiful when youre sleeping too

  2. ^ agree with that too.

    really sweet photos!! :)

  3. cool pix, it's cute that your bf was feigning his sleep and have someone take the pic!
    and your make up does look fab haha!


  4. Cute pics!!! Love the makeup and shirt!

  5. Love your blog!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pls check out our Fashion Style & Celebrity Gossip blog!!

  6. Your boyfriend had this "Game Over" look coz he's soooo red, must be the alcohol. Hehe.

  7. @ ONiC, lelila, su-pah, lelo: Thanks a lot! :)

    @ toothfairy: my bf denied it at first and was convincing me that he was asleep too!

    @ Jasmin: thanks!

    @ eternally fixated: i will..

  8. You guys look great together! Love the last picture! LOL, you do look beautiful when you're sleeping. Reminds me of sleeping beauty. HEHE

  9. You give sleeping beauty a run for her fairytale money =D

  10. You look very pretty, dear :) And the two of you make a really cute couple! :)

  11. love the smokey eye look! ang cute nyo!

  12. I love your blog! I love make-up and your reviews are super helpful.. Read your review about the Nars Dolce Vita and I think I'm gonna try it.. Love Nars products my fave blush is Deep Throat.. I'm adding you to my blogroll, excited to read your older posts this weekend..=)


  13. @ r u s s: he turns red easily when he drinks haha!

    @ Lisa: wow, thanks!

    @ Neurochiq: haha nice one! That made me laugh! Thanks dear :)

    @ teeyah: Thanks Teeyah! Cute couple when asleep haha! :)

    @ Khymm: smokey look will always be my favorite! Sayang nga lang at mejo faded na when that pic was taken. I didn't do any re-touch kasi eh hehe :)

    @ Mads: I also like Deep Throat and Oasis. Thanks dear :)

  14. Hi Gem dear :) Yes, it's fun! I admit I did get starstruck the first time I met Piolo [I mean, who doesn't]. My life was put to risk actually, when the employees found out we had a meeting cos they all wanted to go, haha!

    I think I kind of know where you work -- that is because I used to work for the same company! :D It was a teeny bit of stint, actually. And I have to agree, they really pay nice. Kaya lang, I didn't work for the department I wanted to kaya I left. But where you work naman, they do have perks I don't get right now but I'm not complaining. In careers, we never really get everything we want :)

    You'd be surprised that there are even better jobs at our company, better than mine and don't worry, as soon as an opening comes up, I will def let you and Sab know asap :)

    Oh your BF is cousins with Bam, and you used to work at TEC? Small world talaga, no? :)

    We will be transferring soon, too, sa BGC. Sa may 5th St! :D


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