FOTD: Buying a PSP Look + ELF Eyebrow Kit Review

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I'll be multitasking today. I recently purchased an ELF eyebrow kit because I'm getting tired of my F21 eyebrow kit. Also, I've already hit the pan of the darker shade. So, I'm now using the lighter shade which is a tad lighter than my hair color. Thus making it obvious that there's eyebrow powder on my brows. It doesn't look good at times I tell you.

Even though I am a makeup junkie, there are still some makeup products that I don't invest on - like an eyebrow kit for example. I've grown to love my eyebrows even though they're a pain in my arse when it comes to shaping. I still manage to look presentable even though I don't fill in my brows. That's why it took me a lot of thinking whether I should really get the ELF eyebrow kit.

I was at the mall last weekend and the ELF items were at 10% off so I finally bought the eyebrow kit. Hey, a discount is still a discount. :)

my new eyebrow kit, Php 249.50

here's my photo without makeup
notice my very light brows

notice my filled in eyebrows

notice my filled in brows

MAC select cover-up concealer in NC30
Shu Uemera green corrective concealer
Ellana mineral blush in Happiness

Olay Regenerist lip balm
Nyx lipstick in Indian Pink

Now, on to the review.

- a little goes a long way
- no need to retouch! long lasting power!
- available locally
- color is buildable
- the compact comes with a mirror
- brush is of good quality

- not that cheap; it's only 1usd in the states but it's 5usd in MNL
- only one shade (light) is available in MNL
- bulky compared to other eyebrow kits

I know several people who totally ditched this product because of the shade - most of them are ladies with black hair. I'm not sure if they've tried it but I don't think they did because their concern was the shade. Even though the box says the shade is light, it doesn't go as light as it's supposed to. The brow gel is used to define the brows. The brow powder is used to set the brow gel. It's not a lighter brow gel that can be used alone. I think this is the common mistake that people make when they see this product. Most eyebrow kits have two shades in a compact - a light one and a dark one. In most cases, they're both powder that can be used to fill in your brows depending on the look you're going for. Good thing the ELF SA was nice enough to assist me and made a demo on this product or else I would've still been one of those ladies who have a misconception about ELF's eyebrow kit.

I'm guessing this eyebrow kit will last me 2 years to even at least hit the pan. Well, it makes the price worth it. I'm liking this product so far and I'm suggesting that you try this brow kit. But if there are better ones, stick with them. I'm not one to invest on brow kits so this product honestly suffices for me. I just need something to fill in my brows. That's all.

Good night ladies!


  1. It looks really natural, looks great!
    I really want to try it but I have the lightest eyebrows ever! So normally all the shades are too dark for me

  2. It looks really natural :] How much are the ELF eyebrow kits?

  3. i was supposed to get this too at megamall last sat, but the line at the cashier was sooo long, tinamad nako!

    i'm not used to filling in my brows so i'm still debating on whether i really want to buy an eyebrow kit or not :P

  4. I agree that it does look good on you! :) For me, I don't think I invest much on eyebrow kits but I try to limit din kasi it's one of the things I'm too lazy doing, haha! :)

  5. Yay! I'm glad it works for you as I recently ordered it from Elf the other day. Can't wait to get mine. Your eyebrows look natural and pretty <3

  6. @ beauty: thanks :)

    @ Katy Wilko: my eyebrows are really light as well! But the color is buildable to you can achieve the color that you like :)

    @ Tammy: The Elf eyebrow kit retails for $1. But here in he Philippines, the jacked up the price 5x the original price!

  7. @ mia: haha! perhaps we were in megamall at the same time and day! I also got this last Saturday night! I'm also not used to filling in my eyebrows. It was actually my mom who started noticing my eyebrows (and the lack thereof in terms of color).. so I got conscious! haha! :)

    @ teeyah: true enough.. katamad talga to fill in the eyebrows. It's one of the routines that I can totally skip and be totally okay with it :)

    @ Fifi: Thanks! Hope you'll like Elf's eyebrow kit too :)

  8. You looked great!! I love the 3rd picture of you. & your skin looks so flawless! ^^

    I haven't tried brow powder yet, I have a brow pencil but I hardly use it. I think I can live without it and I think my brows are presentable =] But great review. Though, I don't know why "1usd" isn't considered cheap. Because it was in your cons list...soo..yea..o.O

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  9. @ Lisa: Thanks! Oh no, it's only 1usd in the states but here in MNL it's around 5usd. There are other brands that are cheaper. That's why I put it in my cons since I'm not one to splurge on eyebrow kits :)

  10. The eyebrow kit belongs to the Studio collection which starts at $3, and NOT the Essential line which is at $1. So even if they sell it here for $5, I think it's not so bad considering the shipping cost.


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