Food Escapade at Marciano's


Warning: This food post is definitely different from my past food posts.

For my parents' 29th wedding anniversary, we dined at Marciano's, Greenbelt 3. My father wanted to try that restaurant because it was fairly new then. Their anniversary was last January. Yes, the photos on this post are almost 10 months old hehe.

I wasn't supposed to have dinner with them but I insisted because I was also curious what this restaurant had to offer.

Their theme/ambiance is very reminiscent of New York, an Italian restaurant in New York to be precise. That's what also they say in their menu. So, that's a plus point for me since I so love NYC. Nice interior, I'll give them that.

free appetizer

their version of vongole pasta

their version of quattro formaggi

Can I say 'over' in every sense of the word? I've heard good raves about this restaurant (not many tho but still). But it didn't make the cut on my standards. The choices in their menu is similar to most Italian restaurants. I didn't see any food that isn't being served in other Italian restaurants. Their food is way too overpriced. I think they're the most expensive restaurant in Greenbelt 3 and they're more expensive than other restaurants in Greenbelt 5 (like Felix, Myron's Place and Le Chateau).

Their appetizer was too small. There were 3 of us in a table and the bread (bits) they served was good for one! Their pasta is definitely good for one and the price starts at Php550. Well, there was this one pasta that was only for about Php300 but it's not enticing at all. The rest of the choices of pasta are Php550 and beyond. Their pizza starts at Php800 if I remember correctly. We also ordered steak that was about Php2000+.

And you know what's really great about our orders? We didn't finish our food. Okay, I was being sarcastic. Not because we weren't hungry but because it wasn't that good. It's yummy for the first three minutes then you suddenly realise that there's nothing special about any of their food. So you end up not finishing your food.

I suggest you skip this restaurant. IMHO, their food is not something to keep on coming back to. The ambiance of the restaurant is good. That's it. The food is very much so-so.


  1. The food looks great but I agree, it looks like what any other Italian restaurant can offer. And the portions are so small!!

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  2. funny how people are easily deceived sometimes hehe


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