Food Escapade at Madison

If you notice, most of the restaurants that I do a food post on are restaurants from Greenbelt 5. My friend and I were excited when it was newly opened since it was just walking distance from our office then and their restaurants are really enticing.

Out of all the restaurants I've eaten at in Greenbelt 5, Madison wins my heart.. over and over.

free bread

Snickers Smoothie, Php84.82

pizza (I forgot the toppings), around Php400

Maple Chicken, Php343.75

Vigan Penne Longganisa, Php250.71

Mudpide, Php220

Kahlua Coffee and Americano Coffee, Php100 each

my girl-boyfriend Vanessa, my SBFF Kalai, and I

Apologies if this entry is picture heavy.

We love Madison so much that we dine there regularly and we go there for drinks if we dined somewhere else in Greenbelt. There's something about Madison that makes us go back for more.

As you can see, the prices are not that expensive compared to other restaurants. The portions are big. Their pasta is acually good for two. It might just seem like a small portion from the picture cos I already ate half of the serving before I took the photo. Two thumbs up for the uniqueness of their food. Longganisa is one of those Filipino food that I avoid eating because it gives me a pork breath all day. But when we ordered Penne Longganisa, you wouldn't be able to tell it's Longganisa because it tastes THAT good. And no pork breath afterwards, too!

The slice of their desserts are almost as big as Italianni's but for half the price! Their coffee tastes good it's like getting your usual caffeine fix at Starbucks.

Their drinks are also worth coming back for. A glass starts at Php130. Carafe is around Php400. IMO, they have the best Long Island Iced Tea and it's only Php150! That is the drink I order when I'm not in the mood to get drunk or tipsy. But all the Long Island Iced Tea from different bars failed me because the alcohol was always too strong. I can tell exactly the drinks mixed in it (never mind the fact that I looooove drinking). If you're a fan of Long Island Iced Tea, you know that it's not supposed to taste like that. It's iced tea sans the iced tea powder. So kudos to Madison and their superb bartender. Just a warning tho, be careful when drinking Madison's Long Island Iced Tea. Even tho it tastes so good, it's also very good in making you tipsy or close to that. So another kudos for that!

Good ambiance. You get the clean vibe because of its white interior. It somewhat makes me remember New York when I still lived there cos they have big photos of Madison Avenue. Hehe.

We always drink there every Friday. It's my "where good friends dine" restaurant. I love Madison with all my heart!

Have a happy Sunday!


  1. Geesh, never saw this at GB5 yet. Can you let me know where is it near to? :) Would like to eat here the next time. Thanks, hun! :D

  2. Looks like a great restaurant and the food look really good! :) If you like Long Island Iced Tea go to Aubergine in the Fort. They have the best I've tried. It's so refreshing and surprisingly fizzy without the sting of soda. And best of all I couldn't taste the alcohol. :D

  3. Was that Balsamic Vinegar + Olive Oil with the bread?Ö I should really make more effort to go to Makati. Hahaa. Hassle kase the traffic at SLEX. Yikes!

  4. @ sheri amor: yes, indeed :)

    @ teeyah: It's just beside le chateau 1771. If you see those white-painted wooden chairs and tables, that's Madison! =)

  5. @ Sabine: My office is just beside Aubergine. They're on the same corner. Hehe. So, that's probably a giveaway on where I work. I haven't gone to Aubergine tho since it's literally just around the corner.. but I'll try this Friday and I'll definitely order their Long Island Iced Ted. Thanks for the suggestion! :)

    @ r u s s: yup yup, balsamic vinegar with olive oil and bread! Yeh, I can imagine the traffic. I'm moving to Alabang real soon and I don't know how I can endure the traffic.

  6. Wow! Looks so delicious! Hope you had a great time!

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  7. mmmmm...the penne longganisa sounds delicious. I love food post!!

  8. Food looks good never heard of an snicker smoothie before..

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  9. @ ~Lisa: it's always a great time at Madison!

    @ Becky: Yeh, the penne longganisa is indeed delicious! Kudos to the che who came up with it!

    @ Becks: yummy!

    @ Neesh B fly: Snickers smoothie is a must-try!


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