Food Escapade at Felix

Restaurant hopping is my thing. I like trying out new restaurants. I love food. I enjoy eating. I was actually torn between culinary school and graduate school but I ended up choosing the latter since it would be of more use to me. But my love for food never ceased. I've always dreamt of cooking very good food and it remains a dream until now. Haha! I know how to cook but the taste is nothing like that of any good restaurants. =)

My resto hopping buddy and I dined at Felix one Friday. Yep, Friday is our dinner date hehe. They said Felix is owned by Richard Gomez and Ben Chan but some say that it's solely owned by KC Concepcion. So, I don't know who really owns it. But whoever owns it has done a good job of serving good food.

Basilio (Pork Adobo), Php495

Oria (Shrimp Pasta), Php695

dessert (Toblerone chocolate), Php195

If you can see from the photos, the portions are small. And the prices? I think they're overpriced. A can of soda is like Php120 or Php100, something close to that. This restaurant is pricey! However, the food is good. You can't complain on that one. The pork is tender and the pasta is al dente!

I suggest that if you want to dine here, you better not be hungry. As I've said their portions are small to the point that hindi ka man lang matitinga. But if you decide to try this restaurant, please please please order Oria! It's so yummy! It's one of their bestsellers too! Their desserts are unique. It's not the typical dessert you'd see in other restaraunts. Their margaritas are good too! A glass is about Php160 only. The ambiance is so-so. Methinks it's like any other restaurant in Greenbelt 5. Nothing extraordinary about the restaurant itself. The interior design is not something to wow about. Oh, they have dim lighting too. Ideal for fancy dates.

Have you dined at Felix? Did you or did you not like it?

Felix is located at Greenbelt 5, Makati.


  1. More artistas venturing into the resto biz no? Mesa naman is owned by Sharon and Kiko. And this din pala? :) I'd love to try this whenever I have the time to wait :) The food looks super yum!

  2. I'm confused nga talga who owns Felix. Richard and Ben Chan daw, then when we were supposed to eat again there, out other friend gave us a flat-out no cos it's owned by KC. Well, long story why she said no cos it's owned by KC. Haha!

    I tried Mesa and I dint like it haha! Bad customer service!

    I want to be a restauranteur also.. I'm not an artista nga lang hah!

    But yeh, Try Felix and don't forget to order Oria! :)

  3. oh wow expensive nga but that pasta looks good

  4. @ Sush: masarap talga yung pasta. its kinda compensates with the expensive price haha!

  5. Gem! I love felix! Ate there for my bro's birthday and syempre I had to taste everyone else's order. this is making my mouth water. Sarap!

  6. Yeh, I love Felix. It's actually my second best restaurant in gb5. I just hate how the portions are really small!

  7. The price of drinks in a resto would usually tell you if the place is pricey or not. But if it's good food, it's always worth a try. Thanks for the reco.

  8. omg! those shrimps look soooooooooooooo yummy! Going out for lunch now and craving seafood because of those shrimps you posted. hehehe

  9. @ ChinkyGirLMeL: hehe yup they're yummy! Hope you had a bery yummy lunch! :D


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