Dollface Cosmetics Haul

So, here's another (mini) haul post.

Last September 25, Dollface Cosmetics had their first anniversary sale. It was only for a day.. 12 hours to be exact. Hehe. If you spent Php850 or more, you get a 12% discount. They also had a month-long no delivery fee if you buy online. Ain't that a great deal or what?!

I wanted to hoard all the gel liners and eye and lip palettes but I didn't have that much money haha! So, I'm slowly hoarding so that I won't feel how much I've already spent! I'm hoarding for a reason though. My friend and I are going to makeup school next year! So, hurrah for that!

28 neutral palette
15 concealer palette
gel liner in Gold
compact mirror ---> freebie!

If you want to know if they're Coastal Scents, yes they are. They're from the same supplier I think. Dollface Cosmetics sell the products for a cheaper price though! Not to mention that the delivery charge won't make a hole in your pocket since Dollface Cosmetics is from Cebu!

I will be using these babies on the last week of the month for a photoshoot! Can't wait!


I've fianlly joined the bandwagon and created a Tumblr account. =)


  1. Congratz on going to makeup school next year! Wish you good luck! && nice palette you've got there! ^.^

    Please visit my blog at

  2. Good luck with the Makeup School! My boyfriend is from Cebu! We plan on going sometime next year to visit all the family.

    Thanks for letting me know that Dollface. I never heard of them before and i love Coastal Scents. Great post!

  3. @ Lisa: Thanks! I'm excited about makeup school! :)

    @ cheechun: I'm going to Cebu in January for Sinulog. You can do some Coastal Scents hoarding when you get to Cebu :D

  4. Good luck on the makeup school! Love natural pallettes, and the mirror is cute!


  5. waw .. That will be very nice to join a makeup class. Do you plan to be a makeup artist? :p
    or maybe just to improve your beauty skill ^^
    I am always impressed by girls who can do the makeup nicely, while I am poor on that

  6. @ toothfairynotes: thanks! =)

    @ mapple: yeh, I'm planning to be a professional makeup artist. I'm doing makeup on other people already and I just want to be more credible :)


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