Collective Haul

Good afternoon ladies!

I haven't blogged for 5 days! Dang, que horror!

But I'm back now with my hauls. But what do you know it's not makeup this time! Yay for that!

Was supposed to watch the Grand prix last month but I missed the flight. But here are some goodies that my mom got me in SG.

shoes from Charles & Keith
belt from Charles & Keith
oversized watches from Aldo

Since all my flat shoes have already given up on me, I asked my mom to buy me a pair of flat shoes for work. It's tiring wearing heels everyday for more than 8 hours. And if you know me, I'm the type who likes to wear at least 3-inch heels! I was glad when my mom showed me another pair of shoes as her pasalubong. Another gimmick shoes that I have yet to wear. I have about 3 pairs of fashionable (gimmick) shoes that I haven't worn until now. How about a Friday gimmick, anyone? My mom knows how much I dig oversized watches. Aside from my white Technomarine, Omega Beauville, and Rolex ladies watches, the rest of my watches are for men or at least oversized. I just find it uber sexy when a woman is wearing a men's watch.

laced skirt from Rouge
inti-mate bra converter
three rings

I didn't know there was a Moonlit bazaar last weekend. Most of the malls were on sale last weekend. I lost track already. So early in the morning, I dragged my mom to Rockwell. The bazaar was still closed when we got there so we went to Glorietta first. Yes, we were around the area during the shootout. We went back to Rockwell after lunch. Honestly, the Moonlit bazaar was kind of disappointing. There weren't alot of good stuff that I couldn't resist. But hey, that's a good thing. At least I get to save money. I saw Sophie's booth and immediately bought the bra converter. I'll do a review on it soon. I also bought fancy rings. I seriously need more accessories for my get-up haha! I also bought this laced skirt from Rouge. I don't know how to describe it but the style is similar to Poison Berry's skirts. Sorry I didn't take a photo of the whole skirt. I will just post an OOTD soon!

Neo clutch from Cole vintage
peep-toe flat shoes from Cole Vintage (not in photo)
Globe Tattoo
Airborne eyeglasses

I bought a pair of flat shoes at Cole Vintage because I was lazy to have my flat shoes fixed at Mr. Quickie. Yeh, I was just finding reasons to buy a new pair actually. I've always been lemming for that Neo clutch but I don't know when and how I'll use it. I'm scared that I might accidentally leave my clutch since I'm not used to using it (no matter what size). But it was on sale for Php500 so how can I not resist! Gah. I fianlly have a Globe Tattoo! Yahoo! Now, I can stay connected even when I'm staying in my pad. I also bought new eyeglasses cos the boyfriend bought one. He broke his eyeglasses last Friday. While waiting for him choosing his eyeglasses (in which I ended up choosing for him haha), I ended up trying pairs of eyeglasses too. I liked it so much I literally couldn't let go of it. Besides, the boyfriend also said it looks good on me. So, we both left EO Optical with new eyeglasses.

Brb ladies, I gotta go meet the boyfriend at the mall!

Happy Monday!


  1. I love everything! :D If I were someone who'd wear a watch everyday, it would definitely be an oversized one. However, I hate wearing one and I don't like having to know the time everytime that's why :D My watches are all a waste on me :(

    Anyhoo, can't wait for the OOTD! I love the skirt and the rings most especially :)

  2. Great haul! Love the eyeglasses too. Is EO really cheap? How much are their regular lenses?

  3. @ teeyah: We're total opposites when it comes to wearting watches! I can't stand a day whenever I forget to wear my watch. I feel a part of me is missing.. I feel naked. I'm so conscious with time cos I hate being late and late people haha! But yeh, oversized watches are the shiznit!

    I can't wait to wear the skirt and rings, too! I'm even texting my friends for a Friday night clubbing so I can wear it haha! :)

    @ Nina: EO is cheaper when it comes to contact lenses. But the prices of their frames are pretty much the same with the other optical shops. I'm just used to buying my contact lenses and frames at EO. :)

  4. Great shoes, I love them! And nice watch too, I cannot leave the house without my watch. They're on my for at least 23-24 hours a day! I feel so wrong without my watch, LOL

    Please visit my blog at

  5. Cute haul! Love the new goodies! Cute heels!

  6. Lisa: Yeh, I can't live without a watch too! Cheers to that!

    @ Jasmin: Thanks! :)

  7. Thank you for dropping by our booth! :) I wasn't able to make the rounds myself, and I wasn't able to shop rin that whole bazaar weekend since I was playing saleslady! Haha! :)

    Before I forget, we also have a multiply link for, which is :) Hope you're enjoying your purchase! :)

  8. Hi! I like your rings! I also got good pieces from Jean & Rosz in the Rockwell bazaar. They are a pretty new accessory brand but definitely pocket-friendly. Can't wait for the next moonlight bazaar.

  9. Hi! I like your rings! I also got good pieces from Jean & Rosz in the Rockwell bazaar. They are a pretty new accessory brand but definitely pocket-friendly. Can't wait for the next moonlight bazaar.

  10. @ Sophie: thank you for coming up with the idea of a bra converter! :)

    @ athen luna: i got my rings from Jean & Rosz!


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