Review: NYX Cosmetics Round Lipstick

Warning: this entry is picture heavy.

It's another long rainy weekend here in Manila. But we all have our makeup to keep us sane. Hehe. As for me, I have a dozen of Nyx round lipsticks to play with.

Rose, Louisiana, Indian Pink, Harmonica, Fig, Tea Rose
Circe, Perfect, Pumpkin Pie, B52, Strawberry Milk, Thalia

swatches without flash

swatches with flash



Indian Pink



Tea Rose



Pumpkin Pie


Strawberry Milk


- creamy texture
- easy to apply
- pigmented
- non-drying
- nice packaging since you can see the shade at the bottom
- wide range of shades

- overpriced here in MNL; ranges from php200-250 from online sellers
- poor lasting power; you need to retouch every hour or so

Verdict: 4 out of 5

I think I'm pretty lucky that most of the shades I got are matte and really wearable. The texture of the Nyx round lipstick is quite the same as Shu Uemura's matte variant and MAC's amplified creme (at least with the Nyx lipsticks that I have) because of its creaminess. I would've said it's similar to MAC's frost and satin variants but Nyx doesn't dry on my lips nor does it give me this feeling like they're settling on the lines of my lips or the shades start to form into groups on my lips. MAC's frost and satin variants do that on my lips. Nyx stays put on your lips.. but disappears like a bubble in a jiffy. They are also pigmented except for Harmonica and Pumpkin Pie since they are sheer IMO. The color is buildable though so no need to worry. The lipsticks have a nice scent. It's not as good as the vanilla scent of MAC but the scent is not bad either.

My current faves are Circe, Perfect, and Strawberry Milk.
By the way, I'm acidic. So, the shades may appear slightly differently on your lips. My lips are really reddish pink so I have to apply lipsticks at least twice on my lips for the color to appear.

I'll do a review on the colors eventually. As for the Nyx round lipsticks, in general, I say you go ahead and get yourself a tube or two. It retails for about 1-3USD. It doesn't hurt to splurge on this. Retouching is forgivable. That is is you don't mind retouching your lipstick every now and then. It is also advisable to use Nyx lipsticks during shoots cos eventho it fades fast, you won't feel bad re-applying lipstick since it's cheap. That's what happened to me.

I'm putting my other lipsticks to rest and use up all these Nyx lipsticks first.

Have a nice weekend!

On Loving Cole Vintage

Last weekend, I went shopping again. Destination: Mia Bella!

I visited the store two Fridays ago to check the items they have. I had to get the product code for the 30% discount. A week after, I came back ready to splurge.

Sebastian bag
three dresses
Uganda espadrilles

I love Cole Vintage! I love 90% of their items. They have gimmick and corporate outfits. They are not overpriced so you won't feel guilty spending alot on that store. I also love the fact that I can get 20-30% discount on regular items and an additional 10% discount on sale items. If you want an item from this store, let me know and maybe I can get you the same discount!

Would you believe that I only spent Php2,300 on these five items?! Not bad, right?!

I tried to take photos of the dresses on a hanger but they didn't look nice. So I deleted them. So just wait for my OOTD.

I didn't get to ask why the name of the store is Mia Bella. But all their items are from Cole Vintage.

Mia Bella is located at 2F Serendra, BGC.

Food Escapade at Marciano's


Warning: This food post is definitely different from my past food posts.

For my parents' 29th wedding anniversary, we dined at Marciano's, Greenbelt 3. My father wanted to try that restaurant because it was fairly new then. Their anniversary was last January. Yes, the photos on this post are almost 10 months old hehe.

I wasn't supposed to have dinner with them but I insisted because I was also curious what this restaurant had to offer.

Their theme/ambiance is very reminiscent of New York, an Italian restaurant in New York to be precise. That's what also they say in their menu. So, that's a plus point for me since I so love NYC. Nice interior, I'll give them that.

free appetizer

their version of vongole pasta

their version of quattro formaggi

Can I say 'over' in every sense of the word? I've heard good raves about this restaurant (not many tho but still). But it didn't make the cut on my standards. The choices in their menu is similar to most Italian restaurants. I didn't see any food that isn't being served in other Italian restaurants. Their food is way too overpriced. I think they're the most expensive restaurant in Greenbelt 3 and they're more expensive than other restaurants in Greenbelt 5 (like Felix, Myron's Place and Le Chateau).

Their appetizer was too small. There were 3 of us in a table and the bread (bits) they served was good for one! Their pasta is definitely good for one and the price starts at Php550. Well, there was this one pasta that was only for about Php300 but it's not enticing at all. The rest of the choices of pasta are Php550 and beyond. Their pizza starts at Php800 if I remember correctly. We also ordered steak that was about Php2000+.

And you know what's really great about our orders? We didn't finish our food. Okay, I was being sarcastic. Not because we weren't hungry but because it wasn't that good. It's yummy for the first three minutes then you suddenly realise that there's nothing special about any of their food. So you end up not finishing your food.

I suggest you skip this restaurant. IMHO, their food is not something to keep on coming back to. The ambiance of the restaurant is good. That's it. The food is very much so-so.

FOTD: The Linden Look

The reason why I'm calling this the Linden look is mainly because the photos were taken in Linden Suites. Two of my officemates threw a despedida party there. I thought it would be nice to do a smokey look since I planned on wearing black. Also, we were asked by the Union to wear black.

So, I woke up earlier than usual and went to work fully made up. It's a good thing that our office is not that strict when it comes to makeup. Besides, I didn't wanna rush doing my makeup after work.

It was a fun night. However, I don't have a lot decent photos. Most of the photos were candid.

I'm gon say this again, it was a fun night. And LOL on the last photo. At least the boyfriend said that even though the photo was funny, my makeup still looked fab. Haha!

TGIF everyone!

Neo Shirts on Sale!

Hi everyone! Please feel free to check out Neo shirt's website!

These shirts are available in S, M, and L.
For men and women.

Grab one now at Neo Shirts!

FOTD: Buying a PSP Look + ELF Eyebrow Kit Review

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I'll be multitasking today. I recently purchased an ELF eyebrow kit because I'm getting tired of my F21 eyebrow kit. Also, I've already hit the pan of the darker shade. So, I'm now using the lighter shade which is a tad lighter than my hair color. Thus making it obvious that there's eyebrow powder on my brows. It doesn't look good at times I tell you.

Even though I am a makeup junkie, there are still some makeup products that I don't invest on - like an eyebrow kit for example. I've grown to love my eyebrows even though they're a pain in my arse when it comes to shaping. I still manage to look presentable even though I don't fill in my brows. That's why it took me a lot of thinking whether I should really get the ELF eyebrow kit.

I was at the mall last weekend and the ELF items were at 10% off so I finally bought the eyebrow kit. Hey, a discount is still a discount. :)

my new eyebrow kit, Php 249.50

here's my photo without makeup
notice my very light brows

notice my filled in eyebrows

notice my filled in brows

MAC select cover-up concealer in NC30
Shu Uemera green corrective concealer
Ellana mineral blush in Happiness

Olay Regenerist lip balm
Nyx lipstick in Indian Pink

Now, on to the review.

- a little goes a long way
- no need to retouch! long lasting power!
- available locally
- color is buildable
- the compact comes with a mirror
- brush is of good quality

- not that cheap; it's only 1usd in the states but it's 5usd in MNL
- only one shade (light) is available in MNL
- bulky compared to other eyebrow kits

I know several people who totally ditched this product because of the shade - most of them are ladies with black hair. I'm not sure if they've tried it but I don't think they did because their concern was the shade. Even though the box says the shade is light, it doesn't go as light as it's supposed to. The brow gel is used to define the brows. The brow powder is used to set the brow gel. It's not a lighter brow gel that can be used alone. I think this is the common mistake that people make when they see this product. Most eyebrow kits have two shades in a compact - a light one and a dark one. In most cases, they're both powder that can be used to fill in your brows depending on the look you're going for. Good thing the ELF SA was nice enough to assist me and made a demo on this product or else I would've still been one of those ladies who have a misconception about ELF's eyebrow kit.

I'm guessing this eyebrow kit will last me 2 years to even at least hit the pan. Well, it makes the price worth it. I'm liking this product so far and I'm suggesting that you try this brow kit. But if there are better ones, stick with them. I'm not one to invest on brow kits so this product honestly suffices for me. I just need something to fill in my brows. That's all.

Good night ladies!

Collective Haul

Good afternoon ladies!

I haven't blogged for 5 days! Dang, que horror!

But I'm back now with my hauls. But what do you know it's not makeup this time! Yay for that!

Was supposed to watch the Grand prix last month but I missed the flight. But here are some goodies that my mom got me in SG.

shoes from Charles & Keith
belt from Charles & Keith
oversized watches from Aldo

Since all my flat shoes have already given up on me, I asked my mom to buy me a pair of flat shoes for work. It's tiring wearing heels everyday for more than 8 hours. And if you know me, I'm the type who likes to wear at least 3-inch heels! I was glad when my mom showed me another pair of shoes as her pasalubong. Another gimmick shoes that I have yet to wear. I have about 3 pairs of fashionable (gimmick) shoes that I haven't worn until now. How about a Friday gimmick, anyone? My mom knows how much I dig oversized watches. Aside from my white Technomarine, Omega Beauville, and Rolex ladies watches, the rest of my watches are for men or at least oversized. I just find it uber sexy when a woman is wearing a men's watch.

laced skirt from Rouge
inti-mate bra converter
three rings

I didn't know there was a Moonlit bazaar last weekend. Most of the malls were on sale last weekend. I lost track already. So early in the morning, I dragged my mom to Rockwell. The bazaar was still closed when we got there so we went to Glorietta first. Yes, we were around the area during the shootout. We went back to Rockwell after lunch. Honestly, the Moonlit bazaar was kind of disappointing. There weren't alot of good stuff that I couldn't resist. But hey, that's a good thing. At least I get to save money. I saw Sophie's booth and immediately bought the bra converter. I'll do a review on it soon. I also bought fancy rings. I seriously need more accessories for my get-up haha! I also bought this laced skirt from Rouge. I don't know how to describe it but the style is similar to Poison Berry's skirts. Sorry I didn't take a photo of the whole skirt. I will just post an OOTD soon!

Neo clutch from Cole vintage
peep-toe flat shoes from Cole Vintage (not in photo)
Globe Tattoo
Airborne eyeglasses

I bought a pair of flat shoes at Cole Vintage because I was lazy to have my flat shoes fixed at Mr. Quickie. Yeh, I was just finding reasons to buy a new pair actually. I've always been lemming for that Neo clutch but I don't know when and how I'll use it. I'm scared that I might accidentally leave my clutch since I'm not used to using it (no matter what size). But it was on sale for Php500 so how can I not resist! Gah. I fianlly have a Globe Tattoo! Yahoo! Now, I can stay connected even when I'm staying in my pad. I also bought new eyeglasses cos the boyfriend bought one. He broke his eyeglasses last Friday. While waiting for him choosing his eyeglasses (in which I ended up choosing for him haha), I ended up trying pairs of eyeglasses too. I liked it so much I literally couldn't let go of it. Besides, the boyfriend also said it looks good on me. So, we both left EO Optical with new eyeglasses.

Brb ladies, I gotta go meet the boyfriend at the mall!

Happy Monday!

Stila Workshop

Last September 19, Stila had a workshop in Rustan's Shangri-la. I just had to attend because I was told by one of the SAs that an international make-up artist would conduct the workshop. When I got there, I was in shock that not only is she a make-up artist, she is also Stila's VP - no other than Desiree Tordesillas! Oh, she's Filipino too!

She has one of the coolest jobs! She get to travel the world to promote Stila.

It was a fun workshop. Of course, she talked about Stila and how it is different from other make-up brands. I've been using Stila since highschool but I never knew until that workshop that their makeup is made of minerals and it is pure pigments that's been pressed. So, yes Stila is a healthy make-up and it actually enhances your skin because of the added ingredients like Dermaxyl to name a few.

Desiree also made us write our questions that we might have. She gave us techniques and freebies if we answered her questions correctly!

So, look what I got FOR FREE:

eyeshadow in Kitten
refillable aluminum compact
#15 double-sided crease and liner brush

As we all know, Kitten eyeshadow is the best-seller eyeshadow! A lot of make-up brands tried creating a dupe but it still doesn't give the same effect that the Kitten eyeshadow does. If you know Stila, you should have heard of Kitten. It retails at 18USD just for the eyeshadow and another 2USD for its case. We were all so lucky that Desiree decided to give Kitten as a prize.

While Desiree was showing us makeup techniques (how to do makeup in 10mins), she kept on mentioning that her fave brush ever is Stila's #15 brush. She can't live without that brush because it's just so versatile. You can do wonders with that brush alone. True enough.

The workshop started at 4:15 and ended at about 7:30pm. It was so much fun that we didn't even notice the time! Desiree also told us that 'I Love Barbie' will be launched here in MNL soon. We're the only country that will have this collection cos other countries have bought certain rights in celebrating Barbie's 50th. So, yay for us! She will also visit the country once a year to promote Stila.

I really enjoyed this workshop. It made me love Stila even more! =)

Review: Nars Lipstick in Dolce Vita

As promised, here's my rewiew about one of Nars' most talked about lipstick - Dolce Vita.

Nars lipstick in Dolce Vita, Php1,250

You might ask what made me choose Dolce Vita when I'm not that partial to red/rose shades. I actually wanted Roman Holiday but I have way too many pink lipsticks so I opted for Dolce Vita since it's sheer anyway. When I got home, I was kinda scared to apply it on my lips but I eventually had to since I have no plans of selling this.

So after taking a photo of the tube, I applied it on my lips. The lipstick has a scent that I can't decipher. It's not a bad smell, don't worry. The lipstick glides on smoothly because it's creamy. However, I had apply it about 4 times on my lips for the shade to really show. You might have to apply more than 4 times if your lips have darker lining.

So, that's the photo of me wearing Dolce Vita on my lips. Pardon my pimple. I just had my facial check-up. On my 'Lipsticks Galore' post, most of the comments were keen about the swatches of the lipsticks particularly this lipstick. No more swatching since I'm showing how it's like on my lips. The swatch might be deceiving. But then again, can you really tell that I'm wearing a lipstick? No, right?! It is indeed a my-lips-but-better (MLBB) lipstick!

And I don't know if it's just me or what, but I feel that it also moisturizes my lips or at least it feels that way. =)

- creamy texture
- good scent
- long wearing
- versatile shade
- makes your lips look healthy
- gives red/rose shades a whole new meaning

In between:
- very sheer (some like it sheer, some don't since you have to apply over and over)

- pricey
- shorter than most lipsticks

So, what can you say about Nars Dolce Vita? =)

Food Escapade at Madison

If you notice, most of the restaurants that I do a food post on are restaurants from Greenbelt 5. My friend and I were excited when it was newly opened since it was just walking distance from our office then and their restaurants are really enticing.

Out of all the restaurants I've eaten at in Greenbelt 5, Madison wins my heart.. over and over.

free bread

Snickers Smoothie, Php84.82

pizza (I forgot the toppings), around Php400

Maple Chicken, Php343.75

Vigan Penne Longganisa, Php250.71

Mudpide, Php220

Kahlua Coffee and Americano Coffee, Php100 each

my girl-boyfriend Vanessa, my SBFF Kalai, and I

Apologies if this entry is picture heavy.

We love Madison so much that we dine there regularly and we go there for drinks if we dined somewhere else in Greenbelt. There's something about Madison that makes us go back for more.

As you can see, the prices are not that expensive compared to other restaurants. The portions are big. Their pasta is acually good for two. It might just seem like a small portion from the picture cos I already ate half of the serving before I took the photo. Two thumbs up for the uniqueness of their food. Longganisa is one of those Filipino food that I avoid eating because it gives me a pork breath all day. But when we ordered Penne Longganisa, you wouldn't be able to tell it's Longganisa because it tastes THAT good. And no pork breath afterwards, too!

The slice of their desserts are almost as big as Italianni's but for half the price! Their coffee tastes good it's like getting your usual caffeine fix at Starbucks.

Their drinks are also worth coming back for. A glass starts at Php130. Carafe is around Php400. IMO, they have the best Long Island Iced Tea and it's only Php150! That is the drink I order when I'm not in the mood to get drunk or tipsy. But all the Long Island Iced Tea from different bars failed me because the alcohol was always too strong. I can tell exactly the drinks mixed in it (never mind the fact that I looooove drinking). If you're a fan of Long Island Iced Tea, you know that it's not supposed to taste like that. It's iced tea sans the iced tea powder. So kudos to Madison and their superb bartender. Just a warning tho, be careful when drinking Madison's Long Island Iced Tea. Even tho it tastes so good, it's also very good in making you tipsy or close to that. So another kudos for that!

Good ambiance. You get the clean vibe because of its white interior. It somewhat makes me remember New York when I still lived there cos they have big photos of Madison Avenue. Hehe.

We always drink there every Friday. It's my "where good friends dine" restaurant. I love Madison with all my heart!

Have a happy Sunday!

Dollface Cosmetics Haul

So, here's another (mini) haul post.

Last September 25, Dollface Cosmetics had their first anniversary sale. It was only for a day.. 12 hours to be exact. Hehe. If you spent Php850 or more, you get a 12% discount. They also had a month-long no delivery fee if you buy online. Ain't that a great deal or what?!

I wanted to hoard all the gel liners and eye and lip palettes but I didn't have that much money haha! So, I'm slowly hoarding so that I won't feel how much I've already spent! I'm hoarding for a reason though. My friend and I are going to makeup school next year! So, hurrah for that!

28 neutral palette
15 concealer palette
gel liner in Gold
compact mirror ---> freebie!

If you want to know if they're Coastal Scents, yes they are. They're from the same supplier I think. Dollface Cosmetics sell the products for a cheaper price though! Not to mention that the delivery charge won't make a hole in your pocket since Dollface Cosmetics is from Cebu!

I will be using these babies on the last week of the month for a photoshoot! Can't wait!


I've fianlly joined the bandwagon and created a Tumblr account. =)

Lipsticks Galore!

Looking at the lipsticks I've purchased over the past month makes me think that there was a scarcity of lipstick. Told you guys I'm having a lipstick phase right now. And we're only talking about the lipsticks I purchased last September. If we add the lipsticks I purchased in August and back.... oh man! Haha!

Stila convertible color in Petunia
Nars lipstick in Dolce Vita
Elf plumping glaze in Baby Doll
Shu Uemura in PK312
Nyx lipstick in Perfect
Nyx lipstick in Circe
Nyx lipstick in Tea Rose
Nyx lipstick in B52
Nyx lipstick in Pumpkin Pie
MAC lipstick in Madly Creative

I purchased Stila's convertible color in Petunia because Stila's SA was insisting that the shade looks good on me. She was already getting into my nerves so I bought it to shut her up. Besides, my Peony and Lilium is almost empty.. so why not.

I bought Nars lipstick in Dolce Vita mainly because I had Php1490 credit in Rustan's since I wanted to exchange my Stila Illuminating foundation for something else. Originally, I was just planning on exchanging my 30 watts to 40 watts but it was out of stock. They said that I only have 7 days to exchange the item and they're not gon have any stock of 40 watts anytime soon. So I went to Nars counter and checked Orgasm but they didn't have stock (ugh) so I checked their lipsticks. I was thinking of Belle De Jour or Roman Holiday. But I have way too many nude and pink lipsticks, I went for Dolce Vita since it's also sheer.

I bought Elf plumping glaze in Baby Doll because of the plumping glaze and not because of the shade. I had a hard timing choosing because I'm color illiterate. Thank god, Sab was with me to check the colors haha! I actually bought 2 plumpling glaze lipgloss. I gave the other one to Sab since she helped me with the shades.

I actually don't know why I bought Shu Uemura PK312. I even forgot about it until I took that photo.

I bought the Nyx lipsticks because they're cheap. The total amount of those lipsticks is almost equivalent to one Nars lipstick. My first Nyx lipstick haul was kind of a disappointment because the boyfriend doesn't like 4 out of the 5 lipsticks I bought. So I only use them when I'm not with him which means never cos we're always together. Haha! But seriously, I only get to use them when I'm doing FOTDs that I don't upload!

The MAC lipstick was part of the Color Craft collection. Sab was in HK last August and I told her to get me MSF Porcelain Pink (but it was out of stock, another ugh)! So, I just settled for MSF Smooth Merge and Madly Creative lipstick. But I only got it two Thursdays ago. But what do you know? When stupidity strikes, it strikes big time! I honestly thought Madly Creative was a shade of pink! You know, a tad lighter then Made with Love. But yeh, I was wrong haha! Oh well!

And oh, another info about the lipsticks.. I HAVEN'T SWATCHED ANY OF THEM UNTIL NOW! HAHAHAHA! So the swatches, review, and FOTDs would have to wait. =)

Btw, I won't be able to upload mug shots this week because this week is facial week.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Food Escapade at Felix

Restaurant hopping is my thing. I like trying out new restaurants. I love food. I enjoy eating. I was actually torn between culinary school and graduate school but I ended up choosing the latter since it would be of more use to me. But my love for food never ceased. I've always dreamt of cooking very good food and it remains a dream until now. Haha! I know how to cook but the taste is nothing like that of any good restaurants. =)

My resto hopping buddy and I dined at Felix one Friday. Yep, Friday is our dinner date hehe. They said Felix is owned by Richard Gomez and Ben Chan but some say that it's solely owned by KC Concepcion. So, I don't know who really owns it. But whoever owns it has done a good job of serving good food.

Basilio (Pork Adobo), Php495

Oria (Shrimp Pasta), Php695

dessert (Toblerone chocolate), Php195

If you can see from the photos, the portions are small. And the prices? I think they're overpriced. A can of soda is like Php120 or Php100, something close to that. This restaurant is pricey! However, the food is good. You can't complain on that one. The pork is tender and the pasta is al dente!

I suggest that if you want to dine here, you better not be hungry. As I've said their portions are small to the point that hindi ka man lang matitinga. But if you decide to try this restaurant, please please please order Oria! It's so yummy! It's one of their bestsellers too! Their desserts are unique. It's not the typical dessert you'd see in other restaraunts. Their margaritas are good too! A glass is about Php160 only. The ambiance is so-so. Methinks it's like any other restaurant in Greenbelt 5. Nothing extraordinary about the restaurant itself. The interior design is not something to wow about. Oh, they have dim lighting too. Ideal for fancy dates.

Have you dined at Felix? Did you or did you not like it?

Felix is located at Greenbelt 5, Makati.

Review: YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick

You know what they say about makeup? You just can't get enough of it and you will always have a phase for certain products. I think I'll always have a lemming for eyeliners because I really love them. But right now, I think I'm on the lipstick phase. Last month (September), I bought a total of 10 lip colors (lipstick lipgloss, and lipstain). It's not like I'll be using all of them together! Haha! Crazy right?

When I got home today, my mom told me that she's running out of lipsticks to use. So I asked her if she wanted me to buy her a new lipstick. Then she said that she can just choose from my lipsticks so that I don't have to buy anymore. Then she said that my YSL lipstick is almost half empty. I suddenly remembered my 3 YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks that my mom borrowed! I immediately asked for these lippies but my mom couldn't find #s 2 and 18! Argh!

So, I'll just do a rundown on YSL Rouge Volupte in #13 Peach Passion.

my 9-month old YSL lippie

YSL Rouge Volupte was released in the U.S. last September 2008. This lipstick became the talk of the town and it garnered awards for being the best lipstick for 2008. I'm not sure when it was released internationally but I got mine last January 2009 here in MNL.

The first time I've seen this lipstick was in Allure magazine while I was getting my nails done. I even checked them online as soon I got home. Out of too much curiousity, I went to Rustan's the following day to check it out. Initially, I was decided on getting Fetish Pink and Caress Pink. But after swatching and applying them on my lips, I didn't like it because at that time, I wasn't that partial to wearing pink lipsticks yet. I was a bit shocked about the colors because it's-what-you-see-from-the-tube color on my lips. I got a bit disappointed that I blamed it on my skin rather than the lipstick. I had so much faith in this lipstick only to fail me like that.. no way! You know the feeling of being uber excited about something only to find out that it's so much less than what you expected it to be? Yeh, you get the idea. But I didn't want to leave their counter without buying their lipstick. So I tried out the other shades. I was a bit hesitant about Nude Beige because I already have a lot of nude lipticks. And red lipstick? Well, I'm partial to light colored lipsticks. What do you expect? A red lipstick was the last shade in my mind.

I left Rustan's Department Store with YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks in #2 Nude Beige, #13 Peach Passion, and #18 Red Taboo. Three lipsticks richer, Php4650 poorer.

YSL Rouge Volupte in #13 Peach Passion, Php1550

Can I just say dayum?! YSL Rouge Volupte is LOVE. It's even an understatement. When I got my lippies, I was raving about it to one of my friends. Haha! My officemate and boss were shocked when they found out how much I spent on these lipsticks. But oh well. IMHO, It's definitely an HG lipstick. It's very creamy. Move over MAC amplified creme and cremesheen lipticks! You can not even compare! This is coming from someone who loves MAC lipsticks. It's so pigmented that one glide on your lips would do justice already! It doesn't dry on your lips. Lipgloss is optional.. and oh, did I say that it smells so good?! It's supposed to smell like mango, I think. Can't tell. But most def, it smells soo good! Yummy is the word! They only have 18 shades which may seem too few for a lipstick line. But if you check the shades, you'll love them all because the shades they have are very wearable. Very classic colors. Don't forget to give props to their packaging because it's definitely a winner! One hundred points for the gold tube and a clear glass on the center of the tube to show the lipstick shade! The top of the cover has a mirror that you can use when applying the lipstick.

YSL Rouge Volupte retails at Php1,550. It's pricey for a lipstick, I know. But it's definitely worth it. HG material, I promise.

I'm definitely getting Caress Pink and Fetish Pink the next time I go to Rustan's!

According to the SA, YSL Rouge Volupte line is used by Heart Evangelista and Korina Sanchez to name a few. Well, there were the ones who hoarded this line when it was released in MNL. And they remain to be YSL lipstick loyalists according to the SA.

YSL is available at all Rustan's Department Stores.

Winner of My First Giveaway!

Hi everyone! Happy October 1st!

Before I announce who won my first giveaway, allow me to thank all of you for visiting and taking your time to read my blog. Other than this giveaway, I don't know how else I can thank you enough. I gotta admit that I was hesitant to have a giveaway out of fear that I might not even reach 10 entries. But to my surprise, I received more than 110 entries. It's such a delightful feeling, I tell you.

I'm motivated to blog even more.

So, without further ado the winner is:

click to enlarge image

Khymm of Shopcoholic

Thank you to all those who joined my first giveaway. You all made this giveaway very interesting just by joining. This definitely won't be the last time I'll have a giveaway.

Smile and enjoy the rest of the day!