Spend vs Save: China Glaze's For Audrey and Elianto's Torquoise

My first entry here on my beauty blog was about my HG nail polish. I was wearing China Glaze's (CG) Chat Room Rendevous. Even though I'm not into nail art, I am into nail polish. My favorites (can't say HG cos it's more than one) are CG, The Face Shop, and Caronia's Pussy Red. I've been loyal to these three brands until Last Monday.

I have 6 different shades of CG nail polish and even though I like them alot, I still feel incomplete because I can't get a hold of CG's For Audrey. Nail Spa and Beautylane do not carry it. There are very limited shades available here in MNL. I asked a friend to look for one in California but it was always out of stock. And I just don't want to order online. CG nail polish starts at US$5.40. So, I thought For Audrey is just going to be a shade I'll be lemming on forever!


I was in the beauty and makeup section of Landmark window shopping. I promised myself to stop shopping for makeup at least until Friday because I'm going to this makeup event this coming weekend. I passed by Elianto's shelf/arsenal/whatever it's called and I saw their nail polish. The first thing I checked was the price. It's expensive than TFS by Php4.00. Their bottle needs a revamp. It honestly does not entice women. The SA was talking me into buying their nail polish. So I asked what their best seller is. The SA said that it's mostly their neutral colors but she also mentioned that one customer bought several bottles of Torquoise. There were less than 10 bottles left when I was there. So, I thought of getting the same shade too. I got two bottles (one for me and one for the giveaway). I applied the nail polish while I was at work (bored much) and I was amazed with the color pay-off. It reminded me of Tiffany & Co boxes and most importantly, CG's For Audrey!

In a nutshell, things I love about CG:
1. wide range of colors that is hardly duped (or so I thought)
2. glides smoothly
3. dries fast but not fast enough to dry while applying the polish
4. not available locally (love and hate reason)

But I gotta be honest, Elianto is a very good nail polish. Like CG, it dries fast but not fast enough while you're still applying the polish. The color pay-off is good. It has that shiny effect even without putting a clear nail polish as top coat! They gotta work on their shades though because there aren't many shades to choose from (compared to other brands). It's available locally and retails at only PHP99 (less than US$2).

I love China Glaze but the verdict is to SAVE.


  1. I have For Audrey and I actually think that it's darker than the one that you have. None the less, I think the nail polish you picked up in gorgeous! :)

  2. nice color! i haven't tried elianto's nail polishes yet but i would love to check em out :-) oh, the color also reminded me of tiffany & co boxes heehee <3

  3. i have exactly the same shade :)

  4. this shade looks awesome! doesn't look streaky! <3
    so glad you found a similar shade !<3

  5. I just bought 2 Elianto in KK, Malaysia (cheaper, only Php50.00 each yey*), and I agree that it glides smoothly and dries in just the right time. But yeah, very limited shades.

    Nice color you have there =)

  6. @ Female_intuition: it looks lighter in the picture cos of the flash but yeh, it's also darker in actual :)

    @ oOchaOo: it's worth a try! Trust my word!

    @ krissy: Nice! :)

    @ Kay: it really is a nice shade :)

    @ Neurochiq: Wow, half the price? Thats a steal!

  7. oh wow i've wanted for audrey for so long na. i'm glad to know there's a cheaper alternative.

  8. @ Crystal: I know right! Go ahead and get a bottle of Elianto's Torquiose na! It won't disappoint! :)


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